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olivercatMarch 12, 2007

Does anybody have a foundation you use that really does it for you? If so, what is it and what do you like about it? Does anybody think there is a difference in drug store brands vs. higher end brands?

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I like Clinique Soft Finish Make-up, which runs about $20 in the department stores. It doesn't have an SPF, but I wear sunscreen under it.

There are lots of products from drugstores which are just as good or better than the high-dollar department store products. If you go to cosmeticscop.com and search for the "Drugstore Doubles" report, Paula Begoun lists the products she thinks are best from the drugstores. Its a website with a lot of good information about cosmetics on it. You can buy her own brand of make-up or not; it's not a hard sell for her stuff at all. She also wrote a book called "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me."

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I really dont think there is a difference in higher cost cosmetics and drugstore brands.I think what is most important is finding one that matches your skin type (dry skin,oily skin,combination,wrinkles)
I have used Revlon Colorstay for the last 11 years.I have oily skin and find it holds up the best under my skin's conditions.

Moisterizing foundations are better for dry skin and wrinkles.

WATER-BASED and perfume free are better for oily or acne prone skin.
Mineral/powder is best for normal/combination types.

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Mary Kay has a creme foundation that you apply with a wet sponge. This is easier to control than trying to smear liquid foundation on with the fingertips. I use this in the winter when my skin is dry.

Lamcome Dual Finish is a powder foundation that you apply with a wet sponge so it is creamy when you apply it and it dries to a soft matte finish that stays on. I use this in the summer.

Avon makes a gel bronzer that gives a bit of color, and evens out skin tone for everyday running around when you don't need a lot of coverage for a glamour look.

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I use Prescriptives Traceless. It comes in different levels of color, I use Level 2. I think it is the best you can buy.

Also, if you can afford the Prescriptives brush, I think that is the key to good application. It is a bit pricey but you will have it for life (or until your daughter finds it and claims it). I don't like the look of obvious foundation. Using the dampened brush allows you to apply the product evenly and not too heavily. You don't get any lines where the product starts and stops. The brush is the best thing to come down the road for application of liquid foundation.

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I really like the Almay adjustable one. I buy the light/medium. It adds just a little sheer cover and goes on very smoothly. If I want a bit more cover I add a few drops of a regular foundation and mix it in my hand and apply. I agree with Labmomma, a foundation good brush is a nice way to apply foundation. I have an Estee Lauder one.

I have used department store foundations but they never seem to get the skin tone match right and I hate spending $35-50 for a bottle of stuff I can't use once I get out in real light and see it myself. Irritating. The cosmetics counter gals mean well but few seem to be able to really match my skin tone.

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Next time I buy foundation, I'm going there with bare skin and trying them on my face.
You're right barnmom, so hard to nail the color right. The inside of my wrist t is nothing like my face, trying on the colors is deceiving. I love the texture of the dior foundation I have now but it's way too orange and it seemed right when I bought it.

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I gave up using traditional foundation in favor of mineral make up. My skin feels so clean, it's like I'm not wearing any at all. I like glominerals. You can find it on www.glow.com. Here's a site with good information on mineral make up: http://www.mineral-cosmetic.com/

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I have been playing with different foundations for years. I liked the Feel Naturale foundation from L'Oreal but at times, it didn't go on smoothly. It is a cream type of compact and it was quick to apply. I absolutely hate the Elizabeth Arden Bare Perfection Foundation. I like the fact it came in a pump but no matter how I tried to apply it, it seemed to clump on my skin. Now I have a Lise Watier (only available in Canada I think) Tient Mousse Mattifiant and I absolutely love how it goes on my skin. It has cotton fibers in it and I apply it with a brush. It goes on smoothly and you cannot tell that you have anything on. My daughter originally tried it and I really liked the look of it on her skin so that is why I decided to give it a whirl. For reference, I have fairly oily skin with large pores and I am middle aged (Ouch, it hurt to admit that!).


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I love reading your responses to my question. I have been on a search for a foundation that works for me for over a year now. Believe me, I have wasted a lot of money. I, like some of you, am middle aged. I have sensitive combination skin with Rosacea, oily t-zone, dry cheeks and huge pores. Oh yeah, I forgot about the lines and wrinkles. That's a tall order for any foundation! I've tried several of the the Cover Girl, Revlon and Loreal lines. Either they were too greasy, separated, didn't cover or couldn't find a color match. I ended up giving away my Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover makeup because they made me look shiny with gigantic pores and wrinkles. I tried Estee Lauder and Clinique. They didn't do well either. But, I have had good luck with the Merle Norman lines. Several of their formulas do well for me. I change formulas depending on the season, skin condition, or look I want to achieve. I absolutely love their new mineral makeup line. It's the only mineral makeup I have been able to wear as I've tried samples from different mineral companies on the internet. I also can wear MN Powder Base formula(cream), Luxiva Ultra Powder Foundation over the Luxiva Lasting Foundation(oily skin) if I mix it wth moisturizer. In all of the many years I've worn makeup the Merle Norman is the only foundation that has ever looked good on me. I think my current favorite is the MN mineral makeup. I enjoy learning what works for you ladies. I always find your information helpful.

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canadian here: I'll look over to the Lise Watier foundation and try it. ( Lise Watier recently sold her company to Ontario investors)

I find that how well exfoliated my skin is makes a big difference in how foundation looks;
my forehead tends to be dry so foundation looks caked in that spot.

I have not tried the mineral foundation yet; I will try it eventually but I'd want a demo on my skin first.

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Sad to say - expensive. Sisley's Transmat in Shade Beige Clair 0. Skin type - VPPP with yellow undertone, very dry, dehydrated (naturally - I don't - and can't - use any form of acid/retinol,C etc.) - skin is very thin, allergic and I suffer from rosacea. This foundation, once applied to my skin is a perfect match. I am very acidic - looks a little different on my hand. The Transmat contains oil which my skin needs. I like the liquid/cream texture. My skin does absorb a fair bit despite my hydrating cream and rich day cream and sunscreen - but it all helps to keep my 56 year old skin moisturized. I do not have a back-up foundation in the event that Sisley changes its formula - and I am worried about this as I have used it for many years. Products that would give similar type of coverage -e.g. Chanel's Vitalumiere (European formula sold in Canada) is not sold in a light enough shade for me.

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Key to good, even, foundation coverage, is to exfoliate daily. And moisturize nightly.

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I also gave my Bare Minerals a toss into the trash. I bought them when I decided I would start wearing daily foundation. Unfortunately, age does matter. I found that the dry makeup accentuated lines and just gave me a too made up look.

I also have some redness which I take care of with 5 Camoflauge Cream Palettte by Makeup for Life from Sephora. It is a 5 color palette that can be mixed for best match. I use the green for the redness and then use the Prescriptives once I have covered the irregularities.

I also use Clarins Moisture Quenching Hydra Care Cream daily which is a great moisturizer for dry skin. It's heavy, intended for dry skin. I usually switch to a lighter moisturizer in the warmer months, but for winter I like the Clarins moisturizer under my makeup.

Also, Clinque's All About Eyes is a great product if you have dark or puffy circles. It is amazing stuff and I wouldn't be without it.

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I just switched to Neutrogena Healthy Skin enhancer with retinol, SPF 20 moisturizer, and a sheer tint, mostly out of laziness on my part. Putting on just this is easier than my previous routine of applying everything seperately. Plus I don't really need a heavy foundation, my skin is in good shape, and the sheer tint just evens out my undereye circles and a little patchy redness I get sometimes.

Clinique All About Eye IS a wonderful product. I use it when school gets the best of me, like these next 2 weeks.

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There's certainly nothing wrong with Merle Norman...I used to work at a MN salon years and years ago and they have very high quality make-up. I personally like a light weight cream compact foundation but MN doesn't have one. I'm currently liking Revlon's New Complexion the best right now. My all time favorite is Physician's Formula Le Velvette Film but can only now be purchased from their website(fear it will soon be no more!). Boohoo, story of my life!

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Here's a link to my favorite foundation: http://www.dermstore.com/profile_gloMinerals_100135.htm

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I used to use the Neutrogena as well and I loved it. Unfortunately three years or so ago they changed/increased the retinol. I looked like I had a sunburn every time I used it. It took me a couple of days to put 2 and 2 together. My skin is fair and does not tolerate the retinol.

You're right Meghane, it is great using just one product, I long for those days:)). With age I find I need more moisturizing, and the color Prescriptives Traceless I use is so transparent, it doesn't look like foundation at all. When you reach the time in your life that you want to try a light foundation, check out the Prescriptives Traceless.

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I bought some mineral type foundation to try. I didn't like the dry look either. I gave it to my 14 year old daughter, she loves it!

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I'm a makeup girl - have been since I was a kid. My mom used to buy me Estee Lauder products as a teenager. I joke that my mom and I put Estee Lauder's grandchildren through college.

Anyway, currently I'm a Bare Minerals user for a couple years now - love it, love it, love it. But if you are not into that, I tried so many foundations and was never happy, until I tried pancake makeup. Yup, the old-fashioned pancake that comes dry in a container, and you need to use a wet sponge to put on.

It worked great. You can control the coverage with your sponge. If you put on too much, wet the sponge and rub some off. It dries smooth, lasts a long time and doesn't look makeup-y (well I guess it could if you put it on too thick or used the wrong color).

Shiseido and other Asian makeup companies sell pancake makeup compacts with a compartment for the sponge.

I went to minerals because I have a tendency to form comedones (those hard little white bumps that are hard to get rid of). The Bare Minerals is so pure that I don't get them anymore at all.

Otherwise I would have stayed with the pancake-type makeup.

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I also like the new Maybellene (sorry,spelling) H20.It is 99% water based and very light,so it doesnt clog pores.Great for any skin!

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I'm bumping this up to see if anyone else has suggestions, I'm due for a new foundation.

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I mean foundation that can be bought in major department stores.

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I love Laura Mercier. A little goes a long way with this foundation. I also use their concealer, which does a great job on my dark circles.

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I've used Chantecaille for the last six years when I want to wear foundation; for everyday I like the Lauren Hutton concealer with a light dusting of the Colorscience Mineral Brush.

NM carries the Chantecaille; it is absolutely my favorite--it doesn't look like you're wearing foundation.

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I ended up getting the Laura Mercier silk again; I like it a lot. I experimented with putting it very thinly while in florida, for a more natural look; it did a good job at hiding my uneven skin tone without looking too made up.

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