Avon's Haiku

ChanMarch 7, 2003

I was thinking of ordering this perfume, but I haven't been able to get ahold of my Avon rep for a sample. Can anyone give me an example of a perfume it is similar to? It's on half price, so I'm very tempted!

Thanks in advance,


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I sell Avon and I don't like Haiku, but that's just my taste. I don't like Oriental smells because they are kind of sour. I am trying to think of something to compare it to, but can't think of anything. But if you like that kind of smell, you will like Haiku. You should be able to get ahold of your rep. You are also supposed to be able to back order 1 campaign at that campaigns prices in case you miss this one.

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I tried the sample pad once and I think I overdone it. Gave me headache. I remember the lingering citrusy scent. I'll say go order it, if you don't like it exchange it with other scent.

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Would the back-ordering apply in Canada, too? We've just gotten a big dump of snow, so I don't really want to call my rep for a sample, have her bring it all the way here in this weather, for me to potentially dislike it, but the order is supposed to be placed by Wednesday. But then Kris is right: I could always exchange it for something else. Thanks guys!

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Oh, I don't know. Your rep should know this though.

~Summer °Ã°

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Thanks, Summer. I've gone and ordered it anyway (she didn't have any samples, but she repeated what you guys said: I can always return it if it's not suitable).
Thanks again,

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I don't care for perfumes but my sister sells Avon and it's a wonderful scent. Even a Haiku deodorant but she says they are discontinuing it so if you like it order more quick.

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