stop coloring, cut hair, and swim

jcs7March 1, 2006

So, I'm 40. 5'5, 175 - trying hard to get to 155ish. Three kids under 7.

Used to love swimming laps, but now that I have shoulder length, home colored, and sometimes highlighted hair, getting in the heavily chlorinated pool is just too much. Need to wet my hair thoroughly, apply conditioner, wear a cap, and then get in to swim 20 minutes if I can.

I'm self conscious enough about my cellulite ridden heavy legs, and hard working saggy breasts.The thought of walking around with a rubber cap is too much for my new midlife vanity. Help me.

Tell me I should consider myself lucky to be able to bear children and swim with them. Tell me cellulite is only skin deep. Tell me to go natural and get fit.

Wow, what does my cellulite have to do with my hair color???

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As someone who decided to go the natural route and said goodbye to my shoulder length hair, I applaud you. Yes, cut it off and let it go. It is so liberating to not have to worry about hair all the time. Get a cute short hairdo and you'll look great even with wet hair. Best of luck with your weight loss. We all know how hard it is. Write back and let us know how it's going.

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I can understand your vanity concerns but it will get easier with each time and you just have to grin and bear it, after all you'll feel so good after the exercise, it's worth it. If you shower off the chlorine right after and condition well, you'll see after a while if your color resists the assault. I think it's when you are in the chlorine and the sun for hours that your hair will deteriorate.

I agree with the swim cap, don't do it.

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Hey, I really understand your concerns and would like you to find a solution you are comfortable with. It sounds like you don't want to get in a bathing suit or get chlorine on your hair. I can't tell you to forget your real feelings. If this is embarrasing to you then lets look at it honestly. Why can't you find another way to exercise. Do you have someone who can get in the pool while you watch the kids on the side. You have a right to be vain as we all are. I say don't feel forced into it. I wouldn't do it myself. I'd say"someday I will do this when and if I want to" Bathing suits are horrible for everyone's ego.
I hope you do consider your mental health when it comes to this matter. You ohave enough to contend with in your goal to get slimmer. If is doesn't make you feel good don't do it. Good luck

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Don't cut your hair. Condition it before you put on the cap--and get the type the Olympic swimmers use, not a cute one with retro rubber flowers. Once you're in the water, it'll help you go faster. The mom-bob short hair will make you feel less femimine, trust me.
YOu don't have much weight to lose--swim and lift weights and watch what you eat and you'll see results.
And ya know--it seems like everyone at the pool is looking at you, but they're not. They're just as worried about their abs, their butts, their tummies. So jump in!

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Ah! I'm a swimmer, with home colored hair  have had/done both for most of my adult life. It sounds like you've got the right agenda: get your hair wet, put on cheap, thick conditioner ('Cholesterol' is a good brand for this) & use a good latex cap. Wash your hair as soon as you're out of the pool; every week or so do a wash with a clarifying shampoo.
And, honestly, what ideefixe said. I'm in the pool almost every day, and each of us is waaaay too concerned about how she personally looks to judge anyone. That said, swimmers are nice friendly people; even if you don't know anyone when you start going you'll have locker room and lane-sharing buddies to give you support in no time.
Good luck! hope you do it.
(and, don't worry about the cap looking dowdy; to fitness swimmers they just look professional.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Swimmer's supplies.

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