Easier hair coloring technique

Gina_WMarch 1, 2004

Well, I guess an old dog CAN learn new tricks after all. I've been painting in my house recently and had some extra cheap paintbrushes in different sizes laying around.

Well, it was time to color the old gray again and I dreaded doing it - so messy, smelly, time consuming, etc. I got the idea to use a small paintbrush to "paint" the roots like the hairdresser does. So I mixed the color in a small paint tray and used the brush to paint the roots, then a plastic comb to comb the color through to the ends. MUCH easier! I'll never go back to sqeezing the color on from the bottle. I feel like a moron that I never thought of this before.

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Great idea! I sometimes "frost" my hair and pulling it thru that cap can be painful! I'd like to find an easier method of doing this----I think at the salons they don't use these caps any more----they use something that looks like foil.

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I thought everyone always used paint brushes for this! I buy cheap paint brushes at the hardware store or 99c store and use them for dusting and a lot of other things.


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: ) with good (non-ammonia) dyes, I've found that a 1" foam brush gives me incredible control for touchups (DH and I are the ones everyone comes to when they don't feel like paying for a salon job)

I use them especially for the 3-color jobs DH does on my hair...actually, I'm getting one tonight, blue, purple, and turquoise done water-color style over my salt-and pepper...

being a blue-haired old lady is SOO much fun...

I actually got a round of applause from a pair of 'red hats' the other day!

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