Seeking A J Madison experience?? Read On!!

emmachas_gwJanuary 29, 2009

A few days ago there was a thread posted asking readers to share their experiences with A J Madison. The thread seems to have disappeared. The few posters to the thread did not share my experience.

We are remodeling a home before we move in. Kitchen appliances had to be replaced.

We ordered from A J Madison a DCS range, Bosch dishwasher, and a GE washing machine.

The order arrived 3 days late with a corner knocked off the washing machine box resulting in a gouge to the front corner of the machine.

The delivery people informed us they were not permitted to unbox nor wait while the owner unboxes the appliances.

The GE damage was minor compared to our problems with the DCS range.

The sides were scratched, the plastic protective covering for the griddle cover was missing. The griddle cover was scratched. But far worse, the top is lop-sided. There is a gap of at least 3/16th" on the front left side between the top and the knob panel. The sheet metal is dimpled where it is screwed in on that side. It seems to be twisted. Whether the top is too high on the left side or the knob panel is too low on that side, the result is a glaring and obvious gap---on an expensive range.

We immediately took photos and sent them to AJ Madison's customer service department.

We delayed our move, while battling with the customer service department for the balance of last week and all of this week. Two days ago I was told the photos had been forwarded to DCS and the range would be picked up. I was to have received a call yesterday telling us when it would be picked up. No call.

Today when I followed up with a call, I was told the manager would have to speak with me. Manager tells me they MAY pick it up after they schedule a tech to come out to look at it. Tech had not been scheduled.

Move has been postponed again. DH is on the verge of a heart attack.

Any suggestions???

I'll posts with our outcome---whenever.

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Sounds awful!! Are there any reputable appliance websites?

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Thank you for the response.
After being hung up on by the customer service manager, it helps just to know someone out there hears me!

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On line dealers look for the least expensive freight carriers they can find. Remember the on line guy does not stock product, so your GE came from one warehouse, your DCS from another it all gets consolidated and then ship which means it is being handle multiple times which increases your chances of damage. The less expensive freight carriers are never going to take responsibility, the manufacturer says its freight related and not our problem and the saga begins

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US Appliance was very good. They had a deal on free white glove delivery, so my experience was very good. I also had a good delivery experience with QHA, who used FedEX Freight.
I am surprised that the delivery co would not wait until you examined the appliances.
I also thought AJ Madison had a good reputation, but if they don't resolve this to your satisfaction, then people should be warned not to use them.

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Eurostoves changed to a white glove service carrier and has had great success. It cost more for him to do, but it eliminates problems and accustations

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That's quite interesting. I personally don't really recommend buying online unless it's from a store you can actually walk into. The only time it's best to order offline is if they are THAT much more inexpensive. However, sometimes you can't go into a store to get certain brands. But I would definitely shop around locally.

Has anyone ordered from a store online and they installed and hauled away?

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No, no installation and haul-away, but I didn't need it. I was building a new house and had the trades in here to do the installs. I ordered a ton of stuff online, and had great success. Most plumbing fixtures (tubs (Jacuzzi and Kohler jetted), toilets, sinks, tub and shower fixtures, kitchen faucets, Mr. Steam steam shower set, Monogram 48" rangetop, Kitchen Aid DW and compactor, Electrolux Icon double oven, and range hood were all from the internet.
Sears also had some good deals and the balance of my appliances came from there. I did order from Sears online and got free installation and haul away as a promotion - but that's a store you can walk into.
I never walked into the online stores I purchased from but I got really great pricing, no tax, free delivery and saved a bundle.

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i almost used a.j. madison they have a location in brooklyn n.y i know i whined about them here and definitely posted in epinions. where are you located. i used josh@ dvorsons for my american range.he's in california i'm in real problems shipping. great service. i installed it. post up in epinions about your bad experience. try & google the president, vp.or call and talk to the store mgr.not dept mgr of service but the store mgr. best of luck. i'd also find out who's in charge of dcs and burn up their ears. if you have time get on their nerves. after you post in epinions copy it & include it in your email. best of luck to you. when making purchases, google is a great tool.

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"The delivery people informed us they were not permitted to unbox nor wait while the owner unboxes the appliances."

I have been told that many times, too. To which I politely respond, "I'm sorry, but if I can't unbox and inspect it, I can't accept delivery." They change their tune quickly - it's never failed me yet.

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Thanks to all of you for listening and responding. We do have a minor update. A J Madison has agreed to get the tech out to look at the problems on Monday. But, then again, last week they said they would issue a pick up order---before they changed their minds without telling us! So, I'll keep you posted.
Thanks to all of you for sharing the names of on line vendors you've had good luck with. We've never ordered anything so expensive off the net before---maybe too burned to try it again.
John, thank you so very much for the list of suggestions. DH phoned DCS. They listened, checking to see if A J Madison is an authorized dealer. Basically, checking in to it for us. They were able to confirm that the range was not delivered to us in original packaging.
Tried to get beyond A J M's customer service with an email--no response. Your other suggestions were great and appreciated also. We will follow through with all.
ya think, yeah, ya would think that if you're old enough to draw social security, you would know better!
Thanks for the reminder.

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ya think that is so true, but when all else fails a 20.00 bill goes along way!

emmachas my fingers are crossed for you.

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Sorry you had such a bad experience. We bought a refrigerator from AJ Madison, and all went well. Probably depends on who they use for delivery in your area. The guys they sent to our house arrived within the time frame scheduled, hauled the old one away, and installed the new one.

I found the customer service to be fine, also. It was easy to get a live person on the phone to answer questions both before and after delivery, and I also got a response to an email within a day.

I don't know what it would have been like if there had been a major problem with the product, but there's my experience, FWIW.

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Abt Electronics is wonderful. They have an enormous brick-and-mortar store just outside of Chicago.

Here is a link that might be useful: Abt Electronics Website

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akchicago, thanks for the recommendation. I see that Abt gets very favorable reviews.
Harriet, I'm glad you had a better experience. I would wish this misery on no one! DH is not well. This has taken such a toll on him.
Yesterday AM I received an e-mail from AJ Madison's customer service dept. stating they would contact me immediately after their technician checked the range.
The technician filed a report by phone in our presence before 3 PM yesterday stating that the range frame was "bent, warped, or twisted" and COULD NOT be repaired. He found, and reported problems we did not know the range had.
By 4:30 PM today, we STILL had not heard from AJM or their service dept nor had we heard from Fisher Paykel.
I sent an e-mail to AJM asking when we could expect the range to be picked up, and when we could expect a credit on our charge card. Response was that I should "be patient."
AJM and Fisher Paykel seem to be at odds over whose responsibility this is.
We refuse to postpone our move again.
We have given AJ Madison until 5 PM tomorrow to tell us what their intentions are. If no satisfactory course is set in motion by then, we will begin legal action Thursday AM. Inexcusable that it should come to that.
Thanks to all of you for listening and for the crossed fingers, John. Venting sometimes keeps you sane.

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if it comes to it, ask your lawyer if it would be better to have some other people on board that were screwed. then try finding some.
best of luck to you,

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Have you investigated seeking redress via your credit card? MAny of them have customer service people who act as a go-between, and you can get the charge reversed much more quickly once they are involved. They'll go to bat for you with the vendor as well.

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I'm a little late on this, but in addition to the credit card solution, you could try filing a report with the Better Business Bureau online ( I filed once with them for a more minor claim than yours, and it worked out in my favor. They basically act as a "mediator" between you and the company in question. It would be worth a try and cheaper than legal action.. Let us know how it works out!

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We received a reimbursement check directly from A&M Home for the delivery damages incurred; and kept AJ Madison in the loop through out.

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