Replacing All Makeup - Would like your advice.

awckieMarch 6, 2006

Due to a recurrent pink eye infection I will be replacing all my makeup (i replaced my eye make up, but still got another infection, so now I am replacing everything!)

I am looking to buy:






New brushes

New eyelash curler

I don't need powder as I use Lancome Dual Matte Finish and that is brand new and just opened today. (This is the only item I buy at the department store)

I am looking at drugstore brands, because my budget doesn't allow me to go high-end on my makeup!

What are your favorite brands and/or specific items within a brand.


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I find L'Oreal to be a very good, low priced line. I like their powder eyeshadows and the retractable liner.

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Maybelline Mascara.
Cheap and good.

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I like Physician's Formula pressed powder and bronzer, Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick, and Maybelline mascara. I'm not really loyal to anything else.

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Can't help with drugstore makeup because I have a hard enough time with department store brands - very sensitive to everything - particularly products formulated for sensitive skin - and my very PPP skin with yellow undertones - combined with very acidic skin makes finding shades that do not turn very hard. That said, I am sure you did in fact have an eye infection, but just to double check on your current problem, do you suffer from ragweed/hayfever which certain botanical products could trigger a reaction that would appear very similar to say pink eye? This happens to me - and I am allergic to anti-histamine so a problem for me. I have just gone through this yet again - also have rosacea which flares around eyes, so sometimes hard to say. The dept. store powder is a good bet, and if your budget can stand it, I would suggest a dept. store foundation at it will hold up longer during day. Used to work with a woman who couldn't understand why she reapplied 5 times a day and all I did was touch up once with loose powder - so she bought a higher end foundation and that solved the problem - and cost her less in the end. I know that Rimmel mascaras are popular in Canada - made by Lancaster/Coty - cost is very reasonable - I know, I tried one but couldn't use it - eyes broke out - but my 3 fellow testers loved it. If you get some good neutral eye shadows, you could use the brown as a shadow and an eyeliner. I also worked with a woman who wore Almay makeup and looked fabulous in it - perfect colours on her - again I tried - nope! It is a matter of trial and error - with emphasis on the ability to "try" the product. Hope you find products that work - you do have more options in US that we do in Canada so hopefully you will be lucky.

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Hi, I have gone through this myself and it stinks. I hated waking up and being unable to open my eyes due to all the crust sealing my eyelids closed. Be very careful with your towels too, because it can spread to other members of the family that way. Washclothes and pillowcases too!
My new favorite mascara is Max Factor Lash Perfection, it has a new kind of brush, very soft plastic bristles that really seperate your lashes and it goes on with one coat. I think some of the other companys are coming out with the same style brush but I bought mine last fall. MF was the original one, and the formula of mascara is awesome too.
I really like the new Loreal Infallible foundation. It says it lasts 16 hours, reduces signs of fatigue, and has a SPF of 18 which is nice so you don't have to appy a seperate sunscreen. And it is really nice, my skin looks great after I use it.
If I need more coverage certain times of the month I use their True Match foundation for excellant coverage of blemishs. I use Clinque's blush and powder.But they seem to last forever so its a good investment. For eyeshadows i use everyones, as long as its a powder and I like the color. I've even used Wet & Wild eyeshadows , and its ok too. Plus, at CVS and Eckerds, if you don't like the product after using it, they take it questions asked.
For lipstick, I only use ones that last because I hate to constantly reapply. But some of them are very dry and some people can't stand that. I don't really mind it, I just use a lip balm to re-up the color and reduce the dryness.
Two good ones are SuperStay lipcolor by Maybelline and Forever Lipstick which is by Maybelline too ( I think, its written so tiny I had a hard time reading it,lol)
Good Luck with your pink eye!

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Just wanted to second the train of thought as mentioned by eccentric.. you may be allergic to some herbal ingredient that triggers a reaction similar to pink eye. we thought my husband had contracted pink eye, only to find he is highly allergic to echinacea after taking the product Airborne. you might want to rethink what products you may have taken that would trigger this sort of reaction..hope it helps!

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Debraq, thanks for the tip. We have a CVS here but no Eckerds. I've heard you can try and return at Wal-Mart too.

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