What style would you call this table

javaandjazzJuly 14, 2013

The dealer advertised this as an 1840 English table. Made from solid mahogany. What is your opinion? Thanks.

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It's very, very hard to tell from the photograph and without seeing the underside, but yes, that style is consistent with 1840-1860 "early Victorian." Be aware that this style has been reproduced, so make sure it is genuinely old.

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If you take the top off, you can see the wood better and there are several holes in the top support which leads me to believe the marble may be a second top, although the marble seems very old. I'll get some more pictures. Thanks!

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Well, the internal structure looks right for the age given. And yes, the top is probably a replacement. The shape of the edge looks too simple and modern. The original top was probably wood and suffered damage, so it was replaced at some time with marble. I'm not sure I see the holes you mentioned; where are they on the upper edge? How large are they?

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I'd go for 1840s-60s mahogany base with replacement top. You can see where the original nails for the old top went.

Or a nicely done reproduction from one of the high-end furniture makers in the 1940s-1960s ... with a modern replacement marble top.

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