Holland Grill operating/cooking tips

LHOctober 8, 2000

I am looking for basic tips for a Holland Grill. For instance: Tips for using the grease/juice drainage valve, flame height/cooking time in various applications, and so on. IÂm new to using a Holland Grill so any info will be appreciated.

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Do you have the cooking manual ? Most all questions can be answered there

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the drain valve should be left open at all times unless you want to use the grill for steaming. Then you close the valve and fill the drip pan with beer, wine, water, etc.
The flame hight is not adjustable, this grill is either on or off. A proper flame is described as a healthy blue flame with a tinge of orange in the tips. The flame should lap up and onto the flame spreader plate. You can adjust the fuel air mixture with the air shutter valve to achieve this result.
For food cooking times refer to the Holland web site: hollandgrill.com

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