Frizzy, annoying hair. Any ideas?

ms_minnamouseMarch 22, 2008

My hair is really annoying. It's very thick and very frizzy. I've taken to wearing it in a bun all the time b/c of the frizz and b/c of the work it takes to make it look semi-neat.

Even this doesn't work so well because the hair on my scalp is frizzy and I have to slick it back with something.

My hair does get dry so I've stopped using any products with any kind of alcohol in it and my hair has been softer. Despite what people say, I don't want to use any alcohol.

My hair gets afro-like if I brush it out while it's dry.

Can anyone recommend a product that will get rid of the frizz and make my hair look and feel natural with no greasiness or hardness? I don't like spending a long time on my hair and I don't want to use a blow-dryer.

I would prefer a single product instead of multiple products as part of a regiment and price is an issue. I would really rather not pay more than $10.

Also, since my hair is so long and thick, it can't be one of those tiny bottles because it would be used up in no time!

Thanks guys.

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My hair is shorter and thinner now than it used to be, but setting it on large size rollers while damp, till dry will soften the curls and tame the frizz.Also can try "frizz eze", .....not sure of the spelling.

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Frizeese never worked for me. Also, putting all my hair into rollers is a lot of work.

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A friend of mine has hair like yours and she never blow dries her hair either. She uses a spray gel while it is wet and uses a wide tooth comb then she just "scrunches" it up with her hands a little and lets it air dry or she hangs it over the floor vent or in front of a fan on low depending on the time of year. But never a dryer!Yikes!

She has tried all sorts of anti frizz products but her all time favorite is just a little conditioner when her hair is dry and smooth it in- even if hers is pulled back in a bun she gets fuzzies but they smooth down with a little conditioner.

If you have tried those methods and they didn't work- how about products that black women use for their hair? I use the luster/oil sprays in grooming and it cuts down on frizz/static not to mention it helps condition the coat/skin and leaves a beautiful shine but it doesn't feel oily.

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Silk Drops! Best stuff made...very inexpensive I believe its made by John Frieda but its not greasy...I believe Wal Mart carries it as does CVS. Its clear/ purple lid...costs about 4.50
Simply wash your hair, put a clear small amount in the palm of your hand, (I rub till its warm) then smooth through hair. Im telling you...for the queen of frizz...this stuff is wonderful!

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I use Silk drops also-a terrific product!

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DO NOT BRUSH IT AGAIN - EVER! Sounds like it is curly/wavy and probably in need of moisture.

LOVE the site - I've got curly hair myself and I have learned so much there. Stopped brushing, only wide tooth comb in the shower and obscene amounts of conditioner. Suave Naturals are good and so are VO-5 - and those are less than a buck. And you no longer need to use shampoo. Sounds weird I know, but if you use water-soluble products, no silicones, they are easier on your hair, and wash out with water or conditioner. Baking soda or apple cider vinegar will get the product build-up out...can't say enough good things about the site. ALL kinds of hair types, lengths, ethnicities, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hair stuff

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long hair forums is good too. I also found some great info when I googled Indian hair care - the Indian women in towns where I have lived have the most gorgeous hair.

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Is this the Silk Drops you guys are talking about? It's not from John Frieda- as far as I can tell:;id=prod1790213

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Thats it ms minnamouse...much less expensive other places but as long as you give it a try.
(not sure why I thought it was a J Frieda product.)
Hope you like it.

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Master Wellcomb + hot rollers. I have the same exact hair. Here's a link:

Here is a link that might be useful: master wellcomb

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I bought a ceramic hair straightener- it really makes the frizz go away - but then the hair is flat and straight. Would love to have my natuiral waves back, minus the frizz! I agree, Frizz-ease does nothing at all.

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I'm sorry to say that I went ahead and bought it but it didn't do jack. Maybe my hair is just... "special". It was like $7.

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Do you mean you bought the Silk Drops, the Wellcomb or the Ceramic Hair straightener? Cause $7 for a hair straightener would be kind of low. It is like an electrical device with two flat panels and you section your hair and run it through from top to bottom. Basically it irons your hair out straight. I use one of the black hair products with it- I forget the name, but it is a yellow can and it sprays a bit of oil. I just section, spray and iron. It will stay that way for a few days if I don't get caught in the rain. I wrap it up tightly in a plastic shower cap to go into the shower. Maybe you bought one that has too low of a temperature setting? I got this idea from an African American co-worker and it works for her hair, which is quite tightly curled.

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