Before or After?

momrox4March 21, 2005

When do you apply sunscreen to your face, before you put on makeup or after, on top of the makeup? Before you put on moisturizer or after? I guess the main thing is to make sure you put it on, but just wondering what works best for others.

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For me it's after moisturizer, before makeup.

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Like Donna - between moisturizer and makeup. In the summer, I use a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.

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most of my moisturizers already have sunscreen in them, and they get applied first.

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my moisturizer has a sunscreen in it already. But if it didn't, I'd do like Donna does.

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I would think that putting the sunscreen on after you've put your makeup on would mess up your makeup. I'm with Shaun, Joann, and Donna -- after moisturizer, before makeup. Sometimes I skip the moisturizer, and just use the sunscreen, then makeup. Like Shaun's, my moisturizer contains sunscreen, but the SPF is somewhere in the 8-15 range. Not good enough to use by itself.

I've had three "bouts" of skin cancer (two squamous cell and one basal cell) on my face, from all the sun I got as a kid. I figure I'll be dead by the time any new sun exposure would cause problems, but why chance it? The sunscreen I use on my face now has an SPF of 58, and I get it at my dermatologist's office. Contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which my doc says a good sunscreen must have.

Hmmm... Just looked at the box the stuff comes in, and see they have a web site, where you can buy it online. The stuff I use is called COTZ (Contains Only Titanium & Zinc).

Here is a link that might be useful: Total Block Sunscreen Products

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I can't put multiple products on like that - I'll break out and feel awfully greasy to boot. My daily moisturizer has sunscreen in it and I don't wear liquid foundation. I'm using Bare minerals powder foundation now (when I want the coverage) and it also includes sunscreen.

I also wear hats to protect my face and hair here in Southern California. The hats are far more effective than any sunscreen. I do use sunscreen lotion on my hands - don't forget about your hands.

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