Broccili on grill???

KrftyKritterOctober 13, 2002

OK I am not sure this even sounds like trying but I am griling steaks next week as a Welcome Home Party, I want it all to be beautiful so was thinking Ribeye steaks as that is his favorite, will try the grilled corn and thought maybe broccile for more color. Open for other suggestions too.

Also I was given a gas grill need suggestions to make the steak taste charcoal grilled more importantly gooood cleaning tips it was given to me by someone that grilled 2-3 tmes a week and is in need of a good cleaning and replacement of the igitor.

I have never been one to grill so I am hoping it all goes well

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Any manner of veggie can be grilled. Wide, thin slices work best as they cook quickly and are easy to handle. Or, you can make veggie combos or hard to handle vegs in foil packets. Fruits like apple, pineapple, and pear grill well also.

You'll never get real charcoal flavor on a gas grill, but you can try using Liquid Smoke(lightly) mixed in a basting liquid like butter and brushed on during cooking or you can add it to a marinade. Or you can put some hickory chips in foil over direct heat until they smoke.

If you've never grilled before, I'd strongly suggest practicing before your party. Don't make the party be the first time you use this grill. All grills are different and you should learn how yours is going to work first. Where it's hot and cold spots are. Where and how the controls are operated, etc. Not trying to talk down to you, just want a good experience for you. You're already going to have the stress and pressure of throwing a party on your shoulders and complicating it with a first time grill experience could lead to disappointment. Take that baby out for a test drive first!


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Broccoli might burn and taste bitter on a grill.

I have grilled leeks, sliced into disks, and they came out great.

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Thanks yes plan to test it out first. This grill will be like brand new when I get through with burner new lava rock, with ceramic tiles to dispense the heat. Invested in some small trial size packs of seasoning pellets today at WalMart that was marked half price. I am so excited to have a grill

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