Need copy of manual

KrftyKritterOctober 14, 2002

I am in desperate need of a copy of manual for the larger size Arklamatic grill with thermostat on front of lid, sorry that I do not have the model number but I am trying to get it, was given this grill and have everything to refurbish it but not sure how everything goes together, have a sunbeam manual that I think I might can make do with but would love to have a manual that goes to this grill......have the sunbeam grill but it is alot smaller but between the two of them I should get a descent grill going. HUMMMM......wonder if I could make a smoker out of the smaller one, any suggestions on doing that????

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Try this number, it may be what you need for the manual.
Arklamatic/Coleman. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 800-356-3612

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