DHC products-Anyone ever try them?

stargazer_1118March 13, 2006

i received a catalog from DHC in San Fran. It carries a line of skincare and makeup (+ food) that is based in Japan. Has anyone ever used ano of their things? Which ones did you use? How do you like it? THanks for your help.

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I've only tried their samples, but they seem to be very high quality products. I liked the soap, the makeup remover, and the eye cream. Not sure about their olive virgin oil - I don't think I tried it for long enough, but it seemed a little too oily. BTW, I have oily skin.


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I've been using their products for over 5 years and their gentle soap exclusively for 2 years and I am very pleased with thier products. It is the first soap I've ever used that dissolves make-up, yet doesn't make you feel all dry and tight afterwards. They use olive oil in their product line which is the closet oil to the oil our bodies produce naturally. Everyone's skin is different and our ethnic backgrounds make skin care even more complicated. Combination skin needs combination care. You really need to know how to treat both skin types. Exfoliate and Moisturize the dry, tone the oily. Anything you buy from them will be A+, but only if you know how to treat your skin type.

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THanks for the info. girls. I have dry skin and will try their washing grains...........I need to use up my Avon stuff first. ONe of their products, the conditioner for eyelashes looks interesting. my lashes are dry and brittle......................

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