Weber Smokey Mountain....

casey_waSeptember 23, 2008

Anybody have good luck with the Weber Smokey Mountain? I have the Weber 22 inch and would like to expand my rib and chicken smoking. Not sure to get the Smokey Mountain or one or two more 22 inch Webers...


" McDonagh"

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I have a smokey mountain and have had great success with it. I also have two big green eggs. You cannot tell the difference in the product off of either one. Yes the egg is more efficient but the price difference between the two is large.

I think if you look on other forums dealing with BBQing or smoking you will find that the WSM gets rave reviews and is/has been touted as the best metal barrel smoker out there.

If you have any questions fire away.


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Thanks Jeff...

Weber does not seem to offer deals or sales. I am hoping to find a good website to order online. Too bad Weber does not offer the middle barrel part as an accessory to the 22 inch bbq.


" McDonagh"

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Snoop around the virtual weber bullet forum. Did not provide link not sure what the rules on this forum are about things like that.

However you have a a point on the middle ring. Have you thought about looking into the Rotisserire attachment for your kettle. It give you a middle section to work with. I think you could use the original kettle grate as your base. Maybe a couple of firebricks (splits) top those with a second grate and then you would have double deck cooking. Adding coal would be the long pole in this tent unless you had the flip up grid and fashioned a door in the middle ring. You would not have an easily refillable water pan either.

Lowest price I have seen in a while on the WSM was $149.99, I'm sure the folks on the virtual weber bullet site will steer you correct.


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