Kenmore gas grill FIRES

scott2006September 25, 2007


I have a Kenmore gas grill ( I think it's made by Char Broil) I can't locate the serial number on it.

BEWARE, please check your connections at the gas hose to the front dials and burner assembly.

Any good conection at this point SHOULD be, a brass coulpler. My grill has a barbed fitting connected to the hose with a crimped band. THAT CONNECTION FAILS...If you left the gas on at the bottle valve you will have propane leaking out of the connection. THIS is VERY BAD.

If your cooking something and the connection is leaking .... Take coverrrrrr..................

This also is bad.

This unit ... with the crimped connection is nothing short of a fire bomb ... Inspect your connection and if there is any dought call the 800 number on the grill... if you can find it.

I was lucky .... the connection failed and my front knobs melted and fire was shooting out of the knob holes.

BUT i'm not hurt... PLEASE be safe ..


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