Toilet too far from wall

seedsillyJanuary 19, 2008

Hello, toilet question here. I would like to replace my toilet. DH thinks that it could be moved back without too many problems. However, if we don't move it, is there a toilet style that would be long enough to fill the gap. I don't know what is standard. This is an old house with older fixtures. I guess I essentially need a toilet that is longer from drainage pipe to far wall of tank than mine is. Hope you know what I mean, I'm not good an describing things.

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Toilets can be classified by their "setback". It sounds like your toilet has a smaller setback than the setback on the plumbed toilet flange.

Pull your toilet and measure the distance from the center of the opening in the waste flange to the back wall. That is your setback. 12" is the "standard" in most construction.

Toilets are generally available in 10", 12" and 14" setbacks. Some are even adjustable.

So measure your plumbing then fit the new toilet to the plumbing.


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Mongoct, thanks a lot. That is exactly what I needed to know! Thanks again, Amy

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