Brazilian Hair Straightening - anyone?

DLM2000March 20, 2008

I recently heard about this and am very curious. Better than a chemical process and supposed to even be better than the Japanese process because it doesn't grow out leaving part of your hair stick straight and the rest with whatever your curl level is. I heard about it from a woman at my gym - she hasn't yet tried it but plans to. My stylist is not familiar with it but he's kind of old school ;-)

Has anyone done this or know someone who has? I googled and came up with some info but not a lot. I would LOVE to go through summer humidity without big hair for a change!

Here is a link that might be useful: Brazillian Hair Straighening

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If you want to avoid big hair, go to They'll help you and your curls through it. One of my fav sites and I've not had big summer hair in a couple of years

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Yes, Ouidad, Curly Girl - been there done that. It's ok sometimes but I really don't like the way I feel or look. (or the way I FEEL I look, IYKWIM) with curly hair. Having a head full of curls in the summer is like wearing a down pillow around my head - it holds all the heat in! Give me straight, swingy hair that I can pull up off my face and neck when I need to for working out or gardening.

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Why is it no one likes the hair they were born with-I have thin,straight hair and always wanted naturally curly hair I could pin up and look like an angel?

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jannie we all want to be different, don't we? Kind of the nature of being human - the grass is always greener.

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My daughter just got the brazilian hair straightening and it's awesome. She had to leave it in her hair for 4 pins/clips/getting it wet/putting it behind her ears, etc. If it got a crimp in it, she was told to just flat iron it out. Day 4 she washed it and it air dried with a bit of blow drying and looked like the day she had it done. We were sure it wouldn't work, but it did. I'm calling today for my appt. Can't wait!

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Day 4 she washed it and it air dried

Day FOUR??? I couldn't imagine going 4 days without washing my hair! I wash it every other day and even then I can't wait to wash it!

Is this common? I have very long hair and it stays healthy washing every other day. Most men wash their hair every day, how often do most women wash theirs and how long is your hair? I never thought about it much, now I am curious!

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ichearts I'm so glad I checked back here! So your daughter is happy with it? I still haven't done it - the price kinda stopped me in my tracks -$500 yikes! I really want it done but I'm eyeballing the wisdom teeth my son's having removed in 2 weeks, and the $45 it takes to fill my car now, and the next tuition payment in August....... it never ends. But it would save me SO much time.......;-)

michele you must not color your hair - it's pretty standard to wait as long as you can after coloring before washing - holds the color longer that way. Most of us of a certain age used to wash our hair daily or every other thinking it was the best way. And a generation back from me used to do the weekly wash and set at the salon. But times change and people realize that too frequent washing strips all the natural oil out of your hair. If it works for you that's great but mine would dry out in no time.

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I think it depends on your hair. I generally had very strong thick hair and could go a couple days or more without washing it..actually it looked best the day after I washed it. Now that my hair is thinning and it's summer, I tend to wash it more. I really think your hair sort of adapts to how much you wash it though.

I do like the feel of having clean hair everyday. There's something about taking a shower and not washing your hair, I just don't feel clean. Just recently I hi-lighted my hair and it became coarser so I'm back to going a couple days between washes. In fact I hate it the day I wash it... it's just too wild... it needs a little oil built up to hold shape and lay right.

Now my husband has a lot of hair but it's baby thin.. and by 5pm it's already greasy. He often washes it twice a day. I think in the 15+ years I've known him, there has only been 2 days that he didn't wash his hair. But he really needs to everyday... By the next day, oil like drips from his hair... I think I could go 2 weeks and not look as oily as he does.

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I know I do have healthy hair, it isn't colored and is almost to my waist and straight as an arrow, fairly fine but very thick in volume. I use Biolage shampoo and conditioner and Silk Therapy for my leave-in conditioner, and rarely get split ends. After day two the roots start to look a bit greasy and I love the freshly-washed smell, so I wash it every other day. I guess I never thought about it much, but I know I couldn't stand if I went three days without washing. Maybe that is why "roughing it" for me is the Hilton!

Carla, it was so hot here in Phoenix today that when I got home I took a shower but didn't wash my hair (in between days!), you are SO right, you just don't feel as clean!

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Me again. Yes, you cannot wash your hair for 4 FULL Days. My hair is not oily and I can go 2-3 days not washing it, but my daughter's hair on day 4 looked a little slick! My appointment is 4pm next Thurs. so I can't wash it until Monday night so.....I took Monday off from work so I don't have to go in looking all stringy w/the solution in my hair. You can't tie it back during this time so that is not an option to get me thru work. Here on L.I. the procedure costs $300...more for really long or thick hair (I have thick hair). The time I am going to save in my life and not be a slave to my hair is so worth it to me. I'm very excited and dread that I still have to blow my hair out for like 45 min. until next week LOL.....

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I went in for my 'consult'. My hair is just a bit below my shoulder and quite thick. Price: $425. Ouch.

Here's what I was told; no washing for 3 days, no pulling hair back, no tucking behind ears, no sunglasses flipped up on head (that one is really tough for me!) and then use special shampoo with no, um - something sulfate? I can't remember but they said it's readily available and no need to buy their brand, and be sure to color my hair BEFORE the procedure because it actually helps to seal in the color. I forgot to ask what coloring after the fact is like because I color every 4 weeks. During those 3 days, any curve, curl or kink in my hair from sleeping or whatever needs to be ironed out.

Regarding what I could expect; will last 3 - 4 months, does not grow out in the way that chemical or Japanese straightening does but more or less 'wears off', will make my hair very shiney and healthy. What it will NOT do is make my hair totally stick straight but it will eliminate frizz. It also will not mean that I am blow dryer or flat iron free but that could be based on hair type. She told me I will be able to wash, comb, then pul my hair back in a pony and it will remain smooth, something I've never been able to do. But if I want some semblance of a 'style' it will require blowing it out as I do now but will require far less work to get it smooth.

I'd love to try it but the price is stopping me. If it was $300 and I had it done at the beginning of the summer I could maybe justify it. I'm sure there are other places here that do it (I'm in the Chicago suburbs) but this is the only one I know of. And this isn't a technique I want done by a newbie - this gal has been at it 8 months and has done hundreds of heads.

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I just got the Brazilian Hair Straightening and it's all it says it is. I just went thru the 4 day no/wash/clips/behind ears/no sweating (which was rough as the temps were in the 90's). Today I washed it....finally. My hair took literally 5 min to blow dry and I fiddled with a curling iron for another 5...DONE. It is soft/shiny and frizz. I flat ironed the ends a bit to turn under rather than stick straight. If I were to put it up in a would hang nicely and not look like a giant squirrel tail which it used to. I'm afraid there is no going back. I justify the cost (325) by the fact that I wash my hair 3x a week. Minium 1 hour plus just to get it manageable then walk outside in humidity and it frizzes and up it goes into my squirrel tail. So...3 hours a week times 16 weeks (4 months) equals almost 50 hours of my time. That's over a FULL WEEK of time on my hair!!! No more for me!!! TIME IS WORTH THE MONEY

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im a month into my brazilian hair treatment and its getting a little crimpy. does anyone know if its ok to FLAT IRON it or not? please help!!

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ichearts....where did you get it done and do you have any before and after pictures we can see? I so hate taking forever to do my hair, walk out and poof...frizzy! I live in a very humid area and would so love to not have to mess with my hair so much.

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I live in the Washington, DC area. My hair is wavy. The worst to style. It is below the ears and very highlighted.It is not as thick as it used to be. I think one thing that helps those who want to wash their hair every day is to dilute the shampoo. I take a bottle of any shampoo and put half it into another bottle and fill both up with water. It is clean and not overly shampooed. Use conditioner if you want. I seldom do. I do a true conditioning process with cheap mayo and wrap in a plastic bag so that my head heats up the mayo. Then leave it on as long as possible. The trick here is to put shampoo on your hair - let it cut the mayo and then proceed to wash it and end with a cold rinse. If your hair is really dry then heat olive oil and put on hair instead of mayo. This lasts a very long time - months. My MIL had her own shop and taught me this.

If anyone in my area - alexandria, Va knows of a shop that does this Brzillian proces please let me know. As you write your posts and list the price of doing this please state where you live. I would love to go back to straight hair and I'm glad people are saying how long it takes them each mornng to dry and style their hair. It takes me 20 minutes after I have air dried it a little. What about if I wanted bangs. I would love to have my hair like the woman First name escapes me but the show is The Medium and her last name is Arquette.
This is a good question dim2000.

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I Just got it done!!! and I love it the stylist who did it for me did a great job. Im on my third day and it still looks incredible. My stylist is good and inexpensive her name is Giovanna she charges abou $160 depending on your hair she is located in hacienda heights CA (626)333-8803

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I used many products like shampoo, conditioner but all my work goes in wrong direction . At last use Brazilian treatment and got best result.

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