What brands do you like for built-in grills

bnicebkindSeptember 20, 2004

I am ordering the appliances. What outdoor ( built-in) grills do you like the best due to:

1. Reliability

2. Best features/functions: what features are a gimmick and which ones do you love, or wish you had?

3. What grill top cooks the best? CAST IRON, Stainless, etc.?

4. Which cooktop looks the best longest?

5. Which is the easiest to clean?

6. Are there any brands you would avoid at all costs?

5. which is the easiet to clean?

6. what size works best for most of your needs and about how many people have you cooked for?

7. who offers the best warranty on their grills?

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I have the Dacor Epicure 52" grill. It is stainless steel. Here are some of the features I love:

Halogen Lights
What may seem like a simple feature is actually an industry first. Only Dacor grills feature a halogen lighting system that will illuminate the cooking surface well after the sun goes down. Now you can enjoy perfect grilling results every time - whether day or night.

Infrared Ceramic Rotisserie Burner
13,000BTU Infrared Ceramic Rotisserie Burner features a heavy-duty removable motor and an unexposed rotisserie slot in the canopy hood to prevent heat loss.

Side Burners with Continuous Platform Grate
Two 18,000 BTU Side Burners combined with a 14" extra wide continuous platform grate provide ample power for boiling your extra large pot of lobster, or stir-frying your favorite vegetables using a wok. The sealed brass burners and stainless steel drip basin ensure an easy clean cooktop that won't rust or fade.

Hood Mounted Thermometer
Precise temperature control is easy with our conveniently located hood mounted thermometer. Will read up to to 1000 degrees F.

Easy-Clean Liquid Tray
To keep your grill cleaner, any excess cooking liquid is channeled into a removable and dishwasher safe tray.

Smoker Tray
Removable and variable location smoker tray with hinged design for easy loading; mini-grate allows for access of the entire grilling surface when smoker tray is not in use.

This is an awesome grill....we love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dacor Grill

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sounds great, anyone else?

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What is your favorite grill and why? I need a built-in grill if that makes a difference. also, what size works for you? And do you like those outdoor individual side burners?

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I have a built-in Ducane in my back yard. Not sure of the model number. After 2 years both of the ignitors broke and so I have to light with a fireplace match. It looks nice, but I can't say I'm thrilled with the quality. I haven't had any other experience to compare it to though.

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What is the difference between the high end "designer" models, and the cosco/homedepot/sams type of a grill? Is this a "you get what you pay for" deal, or is the quality similar, and you are paying for a name?

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Hi bnice ~ Can't believe I found you over here in outdoor cooking. :) I'm planning on using a Best by Broan outdoor hood for my DH's existing grill on wheels. He got it from a friend and loves it so we're not building in a grill at this time. What brand hood are you using? Best hood has a 1200 cfm internal blower ~ I don't want the blower on the roof if I can help it. We also looked at the Thermadore, but it's internal blower is only 1000 cfm's. Won't you be glad when all these decisions are behind us??

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I will be sooo glad when life gets back to normal, and I don't have to even think about these constant decisions. I am getting the vent-a-hood for inside the house. Do I need a hood outside too?

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Bnice ~ Our grill will be on an open but covered back porch so we are using a vent. Everyone I talked to about it advised us to use a hood and I think it makes sense for our application. Have you figured out what grill your using yet?

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not yet. My brother says the lynx, Dacor and DCS are all quality grills. I am wondering if it really makes a difference to spend that much on a grill. What do they provide, that a home Depot gas grill does not. there is a huge price spread on these! i better check out the hood issue. I thought because it was an open porch, though covered like yours, that I did not need a hood.

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The higher BTU's is what my DH wanted in a grill for things like searing a steak. I think that's the main difference and probably the quality of the materials like the SS and internal parts. That said our last gas grill cost about $500 and DH kept that thing going for almost 20 years! I'm glad this is one decision that's been made. Good luck on figuring out if you need a hood.

We are using the best by broan outdoor hood with 1200cfm internal blower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best by Broan hood

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I have the 6 burner built in Jen-Air grill I cant say enough its fantastic!!!

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My criteria for an outdoor grill is 100% SS components and good Customer Service. I have settled on either the DCS or Capital and will probably go with Capital because I have a Culinarian Range and am satisfied with their Customer Service. It has to be all SS because the installation is at beach front location. Many Grills LOOK like they are made of all SS, but are not. Lynx is one that is not.

DCS does offer a lifetime guarantee on their unit which is pretty impressive and their CS is supposed to be top notch according to the brick and mortar retailer who also will price match any internet price. DCS offers a 36" and 48" that look great. Capital offers a 30", 40" 52". the 40" is just about perfect for my needs. DCS does not offer infrared burners, Capital does and will accommodate customization, ie all infrared burners(there are 3 burners in the 40" grill)

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