phyllis_philodendronMarch 17, 2003

Has L'Oreal discontinued this foundation? I remember it just came out maybe a year or two ago and today at Walmart I couldn't find any anywhere. They were pushing that other stuff - can't remember the name - but I noticed they don't have my shade. I am so sick of this - I find something that works and then they can it!

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It's still on their website so I don't think it's been discontinued. Have you checked other stores?

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I was only in a grocery store and in Walmart ... and their display wasn't anywhere at Walmart - so I panicked! I just wondered if anyone had heard anything. I also saw it on their website so that's a good sign.

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I still see lots of this at Walgreens.

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I finally found some at K-Mart. Watch they'll go under and then I'll be searching again! I did think of the drugstores, whazzup, so that will be my next stop. I just can't believe Walmart doesn't carry it anymore. Strange.

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Wal-mart only carries the top-selling products of all their lines and brands of anything so, if only you and two other customers are buying that product or color or size, they drop it in a New York minute. A real department store might be a better place to look if you have that option. All the Wal-marts around me have stopped selling Love Pats panties and I live in such a small town that there aren't many other places to shop. They (Wal-mart) have created such a tight market that a lot of us don't have any real options when looking for a product that they don't carry. Thank goodness for the web and sites like this!

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Looking again for this product ...

Anyone else seen it? Is Air Wear the same thing? I absolutely hate searching for new foundation. I found a bottle (a shade lighter) at Rite Aid and don't know if it will work - but it was $2.99 a bottle so I'm hitting every Rite Aid in the area today to see if I can get more! LOL

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Don't know if it's the same thing, but I'd highly recommend "Air Wear". It's the only foundation I'll use, because I can't even feel it when it's on at all. It's the one I'd be going nuts over if they ever discontinue it... :-)

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I was wondering about this stuff...because it's basically packaged in the same bottle only with a different label. I thought about it but wanted to be sure I could return it if the color wasn't right. One I did check out was so thin it was like water, which I don't like. I wonder if they dc'd Translucide because VItamin C can be very unstable, especially if the product has been opened - at least in it's medicinal state. They probably realized that over time it might not have had any benefit and pulled it. I, however, liked the little "sparklies" in it and it made me look glowing! For once! LOL

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