Front Avenue grill at Costco

susanf242September 28, 2004

Do you know anything about this grill? Not sure what a Virco is but the Back Page of the Product Guide lists Char Broil as the contact.

If I remember correctly it is a 40,000 BTU grill with smoker tray, rotisserie, 12,000 BTU side burner (not sure I would use that). Really good warrantee, the space below the grill is enclosed and the doors have condiment holders attached (small thing I know(.

If I remember the price correctly it is $349. They sold alot of these this summer and they are now back in the store. This grill seems to have everything I would want, including optional conversion kit to natural gas and grill cover.

Any comments? Our previous grill went up in flames (ummm . . . really it was rust) . . .

Thank you.

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no idea

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i don't know anything about it, but i'm also in the market so will be watching your post! DG has his eye on some fancy schmancy weber that's about $700 - yikes.

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I bought my Front Avenue in 2003. But I'm having a terrible time finding a part for it. The part I need is not depicted in the foldout assembly instructions. Looking for it on the Char Broil official website is a total loss. Grill Lovers was not much help as well as a slew of grill parts vendors on the net. There is not even a depiction or part number for the burners! If they cannot be replaced as much as I like the grill for the price I would not buy another one. Thanks to anyone who can offer some assistance.

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i purchased a Front Avenue grill a few years ago and it has been great! Mine is out at the beach and is exposed to pretty harsh conditions for about 8 months per year. it has held up surprisingly well but i must admit that i take care of it... periodic cleaning and covered (with cover provided)i found replacement parts very easy to get at Charbroil's Grill Lovers site. (1800 993 2677) They even honored my warantee (that i did not know existed) so the parts were free! YOU MUST KNOW YOUR MODEL # AND PART #!!!! those numbers are all avail on Charbroil's site under the manual section. overall i give the grill an A.

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I think it's a great grill for the price but parts are a problem .. most grills that are made in china if you don't have problems finding parts now you will .... if you are in high humidity areas you need to worry about rusting .. although they are stainless steel they arn't the standard 304 stainless steel .. which Higher end grills are made of .. and the guy above had to get parts after a couple of years .. you could get a weber in that price range and not have any problems for years to come.

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I assume we're all talking about the same Costco Grill made by CharBroil - model #463242304. If that's the case, I found another site, not yet mentioned:

It's got a nice exploded diagram of our grill and lists all the parts. Only a few of the parts are available here, but what I needed to know was the exact part numbers and this sure helped.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Factory Parts

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Anyone know of a supplier who will ship spare parts to the UK?

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I bought my model 463242304 from Costco ll years ago. The igniter doesnt work and there are rusted areas in the burners so they flame in the wrong places. I live in the San Fernando Valley and would like to hire a knowledgeable repair man to put it back in shape - unless it costs more to fix it than to buy a new one. I am 90 or I would try it myself. I still have the original product guide and the Costo receipt. Thanks for your help.

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bought my 463230703 which sounds similar at costco several years ago front ave.,is the name still have it but replace many parts over the years, but i use it every weekend all year long and do a tremendous amount of cooking on it ,can't really complain about it go to front avenue gas grill parts and you will find what you need . i burned out all my other grils within a year, this one held up

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They have a really good warranty that you can find on Page 3 of the manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can read it on line at , if course you have to enter your model number and most people are looking for the Front Avenue Series #463242304. As an example, Cast Iron burners are covered as long as you own the grill. Ignitions, 10 years. Stainless and die cast parts 99 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: Char-Broil (Front Avenue) home page

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For those of you having trouble finding parts, you might call Costco. They have a lifetime warranty on most of their products and you might be able to either return it for a refund or exchange it for a new one. One of the main reasons we shop there.
Call your local store and check. Good luck!

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I've got a lot of rust to the point of failure of several burners. The warranty terms are long for "defects in workmanship and materials" ...will they honor rust under the warranty, or will they say that is normal wear and tear?

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I also have the Costco - Front Avenue by CharBroil/Model # 463230703.

I recall purchasing this for the lifetime warranty, but cannot locate the original paper work. They had replaced the grill/grate several years ago, but it has rusted out again... now, with all three burners and flame tamers. WIll CharBroil replace all the parts if contacted?

It will cost over $200 to purchase all the components, and may not be worth the price when I can easily invest in a Weber! Any thoughts?

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i have CharBroil/Model # 463230703. Bought in 2003. My burners are getting toasted. I called Charbroil and they said my warranty on the burners have expired in 2013. The new cost for one burner is about $50. Found another web site for $18 for one burner, same model and all.

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