Converting new grill from LP to NG

patanneeSeptember 12, 2002

Just purchased a new LP Kenmore Grill to replace old grill which was converted from LP to NG. I want to run this grill on NG and have all of the parts to hook it up but need to know what we have to do to the new grill to be sure it operates properly. The salesperson at Sears said it couldn't be done...but I think it can. Also was told that I would have to have someone from the Gas Company do it to be safe. If the info I have read is correct, natural gas has less pressure, so there should not be a problem with danger. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. If it is terribly complicated, I might need to return it and purchase a natural gas grill. THANKS!!!!!1

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You can read/see how I converted my Member's Mark BBQ at:

I actually converted a friend's Kenmore just a few weeks ago
and it was the same basic procedure.

Good luck ... and be careful,

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Thanks Alek...One more there a danger in this conversion? You can tell I am new at this! Thanks again, Pat

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There is "danger" in anything ... so I would read
everything I wrote in the LP->NG URL listed above.
If you have the slightest concern, you should
hire someone to do this for you.


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Thanks again, Alek. I talked to my son and he said not to worry, he knows how to do this and it isn't a big we will give it a go and I will let you know how it works!!

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Please let us know who it works out.

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I am planning on getting the Virco and the costco conversion kit. Will I need anything else to buy to get this to work in NG. We bought a new house and it has NG valve outside already but will I need to buy a quick disconnect hose or does that come with the kit. We are putting the grill very close to the outlet so only about 3-4 feet of hose is needed. If I do need to buy one, who has the best price on a quick disconnect hose?

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Home Depot. $35.

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