Antique Haviland China

JBro2424July 13, 2013

Hi I just inherited my grandma's antique haviland china and I was hoping someone would be able to tell me how much it is worth. The set is Book 3 pattern # 624. My grandma had it appraised back in 1983 which is how I know exactly what pattern it is but I doubt the appraisal is accurate since its 30 years old. If someone has anymore information on this set or can give me a way to find out its modern value that would be great. Thank you.

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Lucky you! I remember helping my grandmother and aunt unpack china barrels of Haviland that had been from my grandmother's family and had moved with them over the decades from house to house. I fell in love with it, but it all went to my cousins. My husband bought me an antique set of Haviland about 1974 from a PBS tv fund raising auction for $300. I love it and use it for our special occasion meals.

Wish you had included a picture!

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Wonderful! I do hope you enjoy it.

For anyone to be able to give you an estimate of value, I think more information is required. Could you provide a photo, both of the design and of the mark on the back of a piece? A description of the condition would be helpful. Also, how complete is the set? Place settings for how many? Do you have bowls, lids and platters? A tureen? Demitasse cups and saucers? Bone dishes?

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Here is a picture of the pattern on one of the dishes. Condition is very good except for the medium serving platter which one of the handles broke off. I will also post a picture of the back markings.

1st box has 4 cups, 9 lunch plates, 9 dinner plates and a medium platter

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Back image

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ingeorgia has a listing for this set. Remember tho that their prices are at the top but you can get some idea of value. HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: Replacements

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