Spinning wheel identification

Magster01July 12, 2013

Can anyone help me identify the maker of this spinning wheel and possibly tell me where to find a value? On the side is stamped DLS

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First get a local spinner to try it and make sure it works. And look closely at all the parts for a makers mark. Also, see if you can tell if there are metal-bearings in the hub of the big wheel. It indicates a more modern wheel, but a good one.

It's a single treadle wheel (as opposed to double treadle), but I can't tell - because I know nothing about them - if it's a double or a single drive.

Value on them is about 1/2 to 3/4 of the price of a new wheel of the same style. You are looking at $500 or more if all the parts are there.

Ashford, Reeves (out of business but was respected), Schacht (reproductions of Reeves), Kromski, and others made similar wheels. There are also plans for DIY woodworkers to make wheels.

The identifying detail would be the two horizontal supports (I think that makes it a "Norwegian style" wheel), the shape of the board under the wheel.

It looks like cherry

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Your wheel as is, is not in operating condition although all the parts seem to be present. (Consult the link below.) From what I can find, a wheel like yours in working order would be in the range of $800.

The spining head (on your machine) has to be truned 90 degrees, locked in place and belting installed. Yours is a double head; The belt would run over the wheel twice, first passing over one pulley on the spinner, over the wheel, and then over the second pulley.

I can't see in your photo how the treadle is connected to the wheel. This can be done by one of two methods. One method uses a flat wood stick for a connecting rod between the crank arm and the treadle. The second method uses a stout string or leather thong to connect the crank to the treadle. The end of the string is wrapped and tied over a bearing sleeve on the crank; The other end is merely tied to the treadle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spinning wheel

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