Obagi anyone?

sambacMarch 14, 2010

Have any of you tried the Obagi line- I know it is a prescription. I tried searching the old threads, did not find any.

Sorry if I am bringing up the same questions and TIA for all responses

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Nope, sorry, never heard of it!

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obagi clear is excellent for making skin clear and removing brown spots. no prescription needed.

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Where do you buy obagi clear ? I need something for brown spots.

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I used the Obagi nuderm line in coonjunction with retin-a micro to get rid of my freckles. It did the trick. It is a rough course though. There is a MASSIVE peeling process and you need to be aware of that. I used red sponges from walgreens to combat the peeling. Under my old dead skin was fab new skin and my skin did take on the dewy look. I was in my late 20's when I did it and I keep up with retin a and Paula's chpice AHA 2% liquid now and the RAM every third day. If I see any freckles coming back I will apply the Obagi clear for a week or so to get rid of them. The AHA in my opinion really helps A LOT. I think if you had more mature skin it would really help you get back to that fresher dewy skin. I am 33 now and I did it to combat the sun damage that had started and I did not want to get out of control. Now I am a sunscreen freak.
It was VERY uncomfortable in the begining though and I suggest you go SLOWLY and mayeb when you have some time off from work. I mean I looked a little freaky the first week with my skin peeling off like a snake! I was pleased at what was under it though.
Good luck!

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I've been on the Obagi Nuderm system for two years now. After the first 6 months I started the maintenance program. LOVE IT! It help get rid of a few age spots and what was underneath the icky skin that peeled off was a nice glow of healthy skin. I'm now in my early 50's and hardly wear any foundation. Just a little powder, blush and eye makeup. Sunscreen is your best friend during this process because of the constant new skin on your face. Good idea to use it anyway to combat the signs of aging.

I know Obagi has a web site...something like "Obagi skin care talks". It's a forum for Obagi users. If you want to use the product I recommend that you find out all there is to know about it. I love it but some people can't get through the peeling process

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Thanks JJ, Summiebee, and riverrat for the responses- I am tempted to try it- the most I can take of is 2 weeks from work, can't afford the 'peeled' look, lol

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Your best best is to start it on a Weds or Thursday and your peel will start Fridayish and you will have the worst of if Sat and Sunday. You can get the red sponges at Walgreens they are a rubbery sponge and do a gentle scrub for about 3-4 mins in the shower morning and night to your face to remove all of the dead skin that is flaking off. It is not TERRIBLE as to where peopel will stare. Also jojoba oil in those areas helps and is "allowed" or was per my physician (Plastic surgeon) It is the oil most like your natural skin oil. I also used shesideo spf 55 and the above poster is correct. DO NOT leave the hosue without sunscreen! Your skin is prone to burn at this point. Just make sure you use that red sponge and you can keep the peeling and snake look down to a min. The mait. phase is fine and you get that dewy look and it is great. I use the blender with my retin a micro here and there and my clear if I see my feckles coming back.

If you don't want to get that into it you can also try Paula Choice 2% BHA liquid morning and night. It is a beta hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin and will not do a deep peel like Obagi does (obagi is serious LOL) but I will say I think the Paula's Choice has made a huge difference in my skin. You can get it ather webisite. If you have spots you can incorporate the Obagie clear in the morning to that wit no peeling or little peeling. I really love the BHA though. It is my Holy grail Product. I tell my DH you;ll have to pry that from my cold, dead hands. LOL! That and my prep and prime and a tube of lipstick I could maybe survive without the rest for a while...a short while. ;)

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I am so glad to be back here. You are my kind of people. Now about Obagi. I loved it and you know what else? I loved when my face peeled from using it. Beauty in the making. Don't you agree that people are less inhibited about going out when they have had something done. My smile sez good for you woman (or man).

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Thanks summiebee for the lovely tips, I will you posted with progress...

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look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Don't forget to get the red sponges. You can get them at Walgreens! They are lifesavers for the peelies! They are not too rought on the skin but take care of the skin that is coming off from that dead top layer. Also you can back off a day or so from the retin-a and blender if it gets too bad for you and the clear. Don't do too much if you feel uncomfortable. :)

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