Grrr - Underwire Bras Toast In No Time !

holly_bcMarch 19, 2005

This is likely an odd question for most but I am soooo tired of the underwire poking thru the fabric (and stabbing me) in less than three months. Warner's seem to be *the* worst but it happens with other brands I've tried also. The bras are in great condition but unwearable due this 'poking thru thing'.

Would anyone have a brand they use that doesn't do this? Would really like to know if you do before I buy yet another new bra or two. Maybe I could actually find a brand that lasted at least 6 months.


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I find that bras last longer if I don't put them in the dryer; just airdry them...

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Exactly what mitchdesj says. I refused to give them special treatment for many years. But money is tight and I can't believe what bras cost nowadays. I want them to last, and the dryer is death to them. It really doesn't matter what brand you buy. Treat them right.

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always wash them in a mesh bag on delicate and air dry.
mine last for years. Try Wacoal, Lise Charmel or Chantelle.

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Holly, try 'Wacoal', the wire seems to be well padded, especially at the ends.

I have had one for at least a year (probably more), constantly washing wearing, so far no problem. My daughter also wears Wacoal and wouldn't wear anything else (good support). They are a little expensive (about $50.00 ?), but, because it has lasted its been worth it. I bought mine at Nordstrom, don't know where else they are carried. The number on mine is 85185.


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Ditto above- skip the dryer! and always use a net mesh bag in the washer.

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Thanks for sharing y'all. :-))

It's not a 'washing thing' as they are all in excellent condition with the exception of the underwire poking thru.

Perhaps I need to buy a more expensive brand? I have a couple that I've had for literally years and they never have had this 'challenge'. As I think about it, they were likely of the 'more expensive' genre and perhaps that's the reason they've lasted so long.

Joy TY for the "Wacoal" info. I'll look into that brand. Living in the Far North - aka Canada, we don't have the huge selection y'all have but I've done a few web searches & perhaps I'll be successful checking out that line.

Many thanks all.
Ciao Holly

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I agree - never put them in the dryer. Makes a difference.

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no bleach, no heat.

the first degrades the elastic (and the glue that holds wires into cheaper bras- better ones are sewn in)

the second just makes a mess of lingere.

I've had some luck finding the Vanity Fair and Olga bras I like at Marhsall's, TJ Maxx, or Ross...

or I wait for the big JC PEnny's sale, and buy three or four of them at a time.

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Just did a search and found plenty of Wacoal bras on eBay. I know Macy's carries them, too.

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Hey! No shoestrings in sight (inside joke)!

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Jessy, Watch out!!! you may have another package on the way. Your package may contain a new and improved bra with shoestrings sewn onto the bra for straps! !

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I dry mine on a belt-hanger I found at Target.

Jessica, I think a paperclip would work just fine...

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I like Vanity Fair bras, mostly because they fit me right. But they last well too, I have a couple that are still in excellent shape including the underwires, after three years. (And I sometimes dry them in the dryer on the low setting even though I know it's best to air dry them.)

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Wacol bras are excellent -- and I find them at times at T.J. Maxx -- and if really lucky -- on the clearance racks!

Also I like Victoria Secret's (the ones with the wide satin straps) are great!

And careful washing does help too! :)

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Check out the newest issue of "O" (Oprah) magazine -- there is a great article on finding bras that fit correctly, before-and-after photos included.

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lol i gave up on underwire and got a breast reduction

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I've considered the above but I hate pain. Stopped having problems with underwires when I stopped drying them in the dryer. Now i just hang them on a cabinet pull and they dry up real fast. I don't buy expensive bras, usually vanity fair or olga, whatever catches my fancy.

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Victoria's Secret bras have lasted the longest of any brand I've tried - and I machine wash/dry. They're the most comfy, too - and for me, that really, really matters.

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I used to swear by Victoria Secret's satin front-close bras with the racerback. They really held up under all sorts of wear and tear. Unfortunately, after having my daughter some years ago, my boobs grew several cup sizes seemingly overnight and I now can't FIT into those bras. Waaaaaaah! I've had decent luck with bras from Lane Bryant, one of the few stores I can find a DDD cup.

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I also love Wacoal. Great bras. And I can often find them at discount retailers, which is nice. My other favorite is the Le Mystere lined bra (I think they call it their t-shirt bra?). This is the best lining ever, and I have *never* seen anything else like it. Never crumples, and lasts a very long time.

And of course, cooler/warm water, lingere bag, and hang to dry!

BTW, I buy my bras mainly at the very expensive department stores, because they carry the nice brands. I can't afford to buy anyting else there, but I can always count on them having my bras. You may be able to order online/by phone from, say, Saks Fifth Ave., or Neimans. Otherwise, I go to Marshalls and TJ Maxx and Filene's Basement - discount retailers with lots of nicer stuff.

lilaclily, you might want to check the high-end dept stores too. You may pay a little more ($10-30?), but you will have a much better selection, and good quality.

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