BooB Cream - I am using it now.

cube1067March 8, 2011

Clearing things up for Ms. WTF -

I'm using a L'Occitane boob gel now. I've ordered another brand called Boob Tube Cream. Both are marketed to post-nursing Moms, but I am way older and decided to try it.

Both are supposed to plump you up and firm you up. You rub it on in a circular motion from breast to neck.

I use L'Occitane SPF moisturizer on my decollatage and neck, it is GREAT. At 48 I noticed crepe-iness in the cleavage when I looked in the mirror. I bought Dr Perricone, then Coneflower - both were expensive and made little to no change in my appearance and I used them every day. I had this gift tube of the L'Occitane SPF creme, started using it and the crepiness has diminished. You need to be really close to see crepiness now, and in general, my decolletage has a smooth youthful appearance, no lines.

I'm liking the boob stuff, the girls seem plumper, but my feeling is that the massaging action alone plumps you up.

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