Do You Know What This Is And How Much it is Worth?

denisejJuly 16, 2009

I have 2 Japanese tea sets, 1 is Kutani DragonWare I think, it has the geshia girl in the cup. The other looks to be a larger set, with a serving for 6 including cake plates. I have no idea of any info on it. Any info would be appreciated as I have been holding on to this for years and years.

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Have you tried google? I know there is lots and lots of information on that era Japanese ware. Try Ebay for worth....
I have posted a link to a site that will tell you all about the mark you show....look for "cherry blossom marks".
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese marks

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What you have is Japanese ware made for the export market, evidenced by the marking in English. If the pieces were made in a fine era, the markings would be Japanese. Doesn't mean the pieces aren't nice, but I doubt if they are of much value.

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Depends on what you mean by "value"...they were pre WWII and are becoming increasingly in demand. The lithophane in the cups (I trust that's what you meant by "there is a geisha in the cups")increases the value....and the number of pieces in the set has some bearing as well.
The red set is likely Hotta Yu Shotten probably from the 20's and 30's. Again, worth is what someone will pay....and that is based on condition, size of the set....and where you are trying to sell.
Granted they are not old Imari....but they are about as "fine" as it gets....egg shell thin, beautifully crafted, lithophanes well molded even if they are a bit gaudy.
I suggest you do some will become more attached to your tea sets.
Linda C

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My mom had that tea pot sitting in her cabinet for as long as I can remember shown in pic#3.

But I have no idea if it is valuable or old. My guess is, it is not collectable which means it is not valueable. IOW I don't know. (lol)

Linda C. seems to know a lot about antiques, more than most.


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I am a bit of an antique myself and have been reading and studying for a lot of years.
Both tea sets are "collectable". The top one is moriage dragon ware with a lithophane cup....and because of the shape of the cup I would guess, a chocolate set, but the shape of the pot will tell.
The second set (red) is later and commonly called Mandarin ware or Mandarin pattern. It was made after the Geisha ware which is another collectable pre war Japanese souvenier china.
Google around...there's lots out there. Depending on number of pieces and condition you should be able to get around $200 from eash set....give or take $100 or so. LOL!
Linda C

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That particular site ventures that it "may be" Hotta Yu Shotten, and that is believable because it even 'looks' like it could come from the 20s/30s era.

I found an exact duplicate of your Dragon ware on a site and they were asking $159, I believe. FYI, the seller stated that it was circa 1910, but said that particular set had paper labeling. Like said, it's not a tea set. I've seen them called chocolate pots, and also seen them listed as demitasse sets. I suspect your 'cake plates' are the saucers. The set I found online had a sugar and creamer included.

The mark "Japan, made in Japan" does not necessarily date a piece to pre-WWII. After the occupation ended in 1953, makers once again resumed stamping their ware for export the same way they did pre-war. Also, if the maker's mark is stamped in Japanese, it also does not make a piece "from the fine era". It may have been made in Japan and purchased as souvenirs by the thousands of military families who lived there in that time frame, and brought back home. A LOT of dinner and tea sets came to America that way. I'm just mentioning both of these issues as caveats to look for if you are buying or trying to evaluate Asian porcelain. I can also identify a lot of common artwork I've seen from the Vietnam War era. I have the exact same carved cat statue from Vietnam as my son in law's British father has sitting in his study. LOL. Seems my husband and he were in that area at the same time.

This isn't 'worthless' clutter. They are usually exquisitely made and still appreciating. I have seen the dragonware broken up from original sets (pity) and sold by the cup/saucer for mega bucks, and entire dragon ware sets go upward of $350 if in perfect condition.

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