Members Mark grill - warming rack

AZMarkSeptember 7, 2002

Just bought the Y0101XC model from Sam's Club last night, and I really appreciate the formum member's useful comments re: building and using this great-looking grill.

I have a few questions:

Has anyone come up with a good solution for a (preferrably) stainless steel, full-width, warming rack to fit on the top of the pan, just in front of the I/R burner?

Looking at the accessories list printed by Grand Hall, one is not listed - I was wondering if one from another manufacturer had been found to work?

Has anyone had experience with the warming rack which fits in the top of the cover? Good \ bad? Awkward?

Any comments regarding how good\bad the Griddle and covered Cooking Pans which are offered as accessories are?

Thanks again for your informative comments.


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I purchased the lid mounted warming rack thinking I would get a lot of use out of it...However, I've found I rarely use it. The grill itself has so much space that I just keep one of the burners low or off to keep foods warm.

As for a warming rack that extends the full length of the grill...that would probably be better than the lid mounted one, but again, in my opinion, not really necessary.

Hope this helps.

- spdac

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I just purchased the grill last weekend and spoke to Grand Hall today about the possibility of buying a ss warming rack. She said one will be available in November, just like the rack on Sam's $1500. model grill. She wasn't sure what the price was going to be.

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I just bought a $599 grill from Sam's yesterday. The instructions talk about a "secondary cooking rack" in a few places. I didn't get any rack like this with my "pre-built" grill. Should I have? Do I need to go back to Sam's and have them find a missing rack??


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I don't think that you are missing anything. I purchased the Member's Mark $599 grill over a year ago and it did not come with a secondary warming rack. As far as I know it still doesn't have it as standard equipment. I think the reason they don't include it is becuase of the rotissere burner location. However, as TerryArn pointed out they may offer one optionally if you call them they may be able to get you more info. Good luck.

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I agree with spdac - I don't believe that MM provide one from the factory. My grill did not come with ANY kind of warming rack, though I am pleased to read in TerryArn's posting that Grand Hall may offer one in November.

Hmmm - think I'd better go grill something....

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Hi-I have it from grand hall-the manufacturer of members mark grill-the y0101xc does not come with a secondary cooking rack-there is a full length cooking rack for 16.95 in the accessory flyer.Its more like a swinging shelf though great for french bread or fish.Its porcelin coated so it wipes clean.Call 1-800-770-9769 to order.

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