Need advice on applying makeup

ywontugroMarch 1, 2006

Hi all

Have been a lurking on this forum for a while, but finally decided to ask advice on my basic problem:

I need to know how to apply make up PROPERLY !!

I have a few problem areas:

Foundation-- I use a liquid, my face is dry, so I use moisturizer before applying, but I still get patchy spots. If I apply mositurizer to those spots, it doesnt help. What am I doing wrong ?

2. Eye-makeup-- I would like to apply eye-shadow, but dont really know which colors gp with semi-formal wear without looking too made up ? I am more of a tan color so any color combos wd be appreciated. Also , how to apply eye-shadow, without using three colors etc? I just want to apply one, very lighly, so that the eyes look bright, but not made up.

Eye-lash curler : when to use during make-up before or after eye-shadow, liner etc. Can I use it instead of mascara?

Its pretty much my first time where I am regularly applying makeup daily (moved from academic to industry job) , so wd appreciate any pointers to get it done right without spending too much of my morning time.

Thanks in advance !!

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Welcome to my world, LOL!

Foundation: you must start with a smooth slate or else anything you put over it will show the problems underneath. So you need to find a good skin-care regimen that addresses your patchiness, etc. Or just don't wear foundation, or just wear it in some areas. Or try applying it with a sponge or a wet sponge. You'll need to experiment with this.

Eye makeup: For a "natural" look, use a taupe (brownish gray) shadow color slightly darker than your skin tone. Clinique has good matte colors for natural-looks. For a semi-formal affair I would wear a shadow with a bit of shimmer in it, instead of a flat/matte color.

Eyelash curler - use before mascara. If you use it without mascara - your lashes will probably droop during the day.

What order? Eyebrow pencil, eye liner, eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, blush, lips.

(If you do your face before you do your eyes, you may get eyeshadow on your face. I use Bare Minerals foundation and I actually put it on my eyelids too, so I do that first.)

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I mix my foundation (Clinique Superbalanced) with my moisturizer (Olay Total Effects with SPF 15) on my hand, then apply the mixture all over my face. It evens out my skin tone without looking fake. Then I use a light-reflecting powder (Physicians Formula) to set the foundation. I'm not big on makeup in general and usually end up with just some natural pinkish taupe eye shadow and brown mascara. I've never curled my lashes because I have issues with things near my eyes and those curlers scare the crap out of me. I also use a powder bronze-colored blush and a natural lipstain. That's it, if I bother at all. Once summer hits, it's just sunblock, waterproof mascara, maybe a lip gloss.

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Hi gina_w

Thanks!! I always put foundation on first, so may be I will reverse the order, if I do eye-make up.
Also, what type of skin care regimen would be good for dry skin ( with an oily forehead to compensate (^%$#) , I might add). i want something easy to have a regular routine, too complex and i will never start on it, I am sure.
I also prefer the "glowing skin dewy look" rather than the matte look ( mainly because i feel I was born with "matte skin" ;-), so any info on how to get that look wd be much appreciated,forum users :)

Thanks once again..

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Be sure you are using a gentle cleanser when you wash your face. You might be using one that is too drying. I use a nighttime moisturizer as well as a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. You might try another moisturizer, one which helps combat the dryness.

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ywon, maybe you should invest in a few salon facials to address your dry skin; if you are not well exfoliated, you might have too much dead skin on top of your face, hence the patches. This happened to me when we lived in Denver; after a few exfoliations in a salon, my dry skin was smooth and absorbed moisturizers better.

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Go to a nice department store when they bring in the make up artists and ask to have your face done. Have them explain what they are doing as they go along. Those gals are magicians. Inquire as to when they will be doing that at your local department stores. Often the sales ladies can do a nice make up job too. Either way, it is free, and you might find a product you would like to buy too.

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Yes, I agree with Mitch about the patchiness - you need regular exfoliation. This can be chemical - using glycolic or other acids, or it can be mechanical - using a fine scrub.

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Pick up the book 'Dont go to the Cosmetics Counter without me' by Paula Begoun. Its a thick book that looks at make up and skin care from a consumer, beautician and chemistry point of view. She has stuff by skin type too.

Clinique is good - so is MAC, for neutals, IIRC.

Gina, I do eyeliner over, not under eyeshadow (then again, you've only seen me fancied up ONCE, cuz I go au naturel any other time, I'm so lazy). And yes, eyes first, foundation following.

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i'll start with foundation first, coz i put that on the eyelids and under eye area as well. and to prevent the eyeshadow from landing on the face, either place a tissue on the cheek as you do it, or put some loose powder on the cheek and sweep it all away when you're done. that was what a makeup artist did for me.

i agree the the rest that a clean slate is the best way to do this, and what i do is to use cleansing milk instead of a face wash.

also, if using powder is going to make your skin look dry and flakey, maybe just skip that? it leaves you with a more 'dewy' effect, although loose powders are supposed to help in the blusher application.


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Here is a link that might be useful:

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I hardly ever wear foundation but when I do I put it on first since I put a little foundation on my eyelids too.

I do liner, eyeshadow, re-line if necessary, curl lashes and then apply mascara. An eye lash curler is a must.

A friend taught me a little trick with with blush. Apply(with the regular blush brush) a little blush on the outer eyelid portion of your face --go towards your ear but not all the way there. It helps to help blend everything and smooth out the eyeshadow color. I hoped I explained it right. You can also do a quick swipe with the blush brush down your nose if it's on the larger side to help make it appear smaller.

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