all-refrigerator - Electrolux, Kenmore, Frigidaire or Whirlpool?

lexmomof3January 2, 2013

I'm so confused! I've been looking at all-frige, all-freezer units that will be placed in separate locations in the kitchen; one at each end of a run of cabinets. We're a family of six so this seems like a good solution for us. Electrolux doesn't seem to have good reviews but isn't Electrolux, Frigidaire and Kenmore make by the same company? Any others I should consider in the same price range? Does Whirlpool make single trim kits since these will be placed separately? I could only find the double trim kit?

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I know Kenmore/Whirlpool are the same, but I don't know about the others. I have a Kenmore all-fridge that has been running well for the last 8 years. No problems so far!

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Our Frigidaire all-fridge has been in for about 2 months and so far we really like it! Our neighborhood can't uphold the value of a pricey SZ/Liebherr so we went with the frididaire. We are a family of 8, with 6 living at home.

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I've had an Electrolux Icon all fridge for a little over a year, I think :), and I'm very happy with it. It's taller than some of the other options and I was looking for a lot of capacity but would fit into an existing opening.

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Kenmore is Sears' private label. The product can be sourced from any manufacturer. There are some ways of telling, such as visual cues, interior labels and badging, and online manuals. But you have to do some legwork.

I've had the Frigidaire twins (19 cu. ft. versions) installed for over a year now. So far, they've been trouble free. I have kept thermometers in them since day one and they've been spot on temp-wise. I'm very happy with them and would recommend them.

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I've been looking for an all-fridge unit, too. I found that they all opened the wrong way for me unless I went into the high end built-ins which I was trying to avoid. So make sure they are hinged properly for your configuration. According to one retailer, the lower-end models are not field-reversible as they used to be. Please post a follow-up if you have different information as I could use it. Also specific model numbers. In my area most people spring for the SZ so the retailers aren't necessarily up on their facts! Thanks.

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We are adding on to our home and redoing the kitchen. We are also planning on getting an all refrigerator and freezer pair but they will be side by side in our kitchen. I haven't been able to look at any in person... can anyone tell me, do any of the shelves in yours pull out? We have a regular size Whirlpool side by side currently and some of the shelves pull out which is very helpful to a person confined to a wheelchair...but the doorway is too we are hoping to find an all refrigerator that has this feature.

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We've had 2 Elux Icon all-fridges and 1 Elux Icon all-freezer for 5 yrs now (all 8 of our kids were still living at home when we got them, and now there are still 7). The only problem we've had is that one fridge has a light that doesn't seem to want to come on all the time.

The shelves do pull out. But also, they are linked to the drawers below, so that you can't pull out the drawers by themselves to wash them out... You have to empty the shelf above the drawer and pull out the whole, somewhat big and awkward unit for cleaning. It also disallows rinsing the drawer in the sink, like I used to with other fridge drawers. Still, they seem to be decent units that we've been happy with.

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rhome410, that kind of information is hard to find. I've been looking at the descriptions and photos on the manufacturers websites with little luck.
I really appreciate the info. Thankyou!

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Now that I'm thinking about it, I have to check so I can give you the most accurate and specific info... I'm not sure all of them pull out, but I'm sure there is at least one shelf that does. I only notice it when I'm removing them to clean, since I'm pretty sure things would fall off our full shelves if we pulled them out! I'm tucked in upstairs, but will check tomorrow and try to get back to you here. Also, I can't say if there have been any changes in more recent models.

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on the refrigerator we have now...the small side by side whirlpool, only the bottom shelf pulls out, but with an all refrigerator being so wide, you could put so many things on that one pullout shelf.

The french door ones would not work nearly as well because of the bottom freezer keeping the wheelchair at a distance. The footplate of a wheelchair sticks out forward of the castors on a wheelchair so with a full door opened up a person can get closer with no freezer in the way of the footplate.

Yes recent models may be designed different. We live in a very rural area, so probably won't be able to see it in person. But I will find out for certain before we purchase ours somehow. I was looking at the Kenmore Elites and they don't have any shelves that pullout from what I can tell. Thanks again for your input.

If anyone has a newer model all refrigerator/freezer pair can you please let me know about yours?

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The Electrolux I have is counter depth and the shelves do not pull out. I don't need them too, though, since it isn't deep.

There is only one produce drawer that is unwieldy to get out and clean because it's so long. I usually just wipe it out. Inside it, there are 2 smaller, perforated bins that slide back and forth across the top of the drawer which are easy to remove. The deli drawer is also full width and I haven't tried to remove it.

Also, the door doesn't open to a full 180 degrees.

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Hi, all. Could any of you post the model numbers of the all-fridge units you have? I am looking for one and have run across different numbers, depending on the store. Is it a deal-breaker not to be able to wash the produce bins in the sink? I do that all the time with my current fridge and can't imagine how I'd clean out all the "live" produce I'm raising in those bins! Would any of you do it differently - get different units - if you'd known what you know now? I want all-fridge because I don't like the look of a full size French-door monster and can put a freezer in the pantry, but I also want convenient access. Thanks for all your input. You can't get this kind of information any place else!

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I checked ours... The shelves immediately above/on top of the drawers do not pull out. The other shelves do (we have only 2 in, but the fridge came with 3), but only half way. They'd be the shelves in the top half of the unit, so I'm not sure that would be helpful to someone in a wheelchair.

The door opens approx 135 degrees.

My model is E32AR75FPSO.

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We replaced our 36" counter depth, 28 year old Sub Zero 501R with a Sub Zero 36 BI. I don't know what your price range is but we paid about $5150 for a unit that's panel ready. Obviously the custom wood panel is extra.

The shelves are adjustable but they do not pull out except to remove them for cleaning. The drawers are the same. A counter depth isn't so deep that you need to pull the shelves out to retrieve items in the back.

Luckily we designed our kitchen with the refrigerator on one wall and the freezer on the opposite wall. The new refrigerator is taller than the old one and since they're not adjacent to each other you don't notice the difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sub Zero

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I have model E32AR75JPSO

Ummmmm, I don't think that I really regret anything. I love the fridge as a whole and love the ability to store the things we use most often, very easily. It would be nice if the produce drawer was easier to remove and wash, but it's not like it's impossible. We go through produce so quickly ( I have to restock a couple of times a week) now that we've changed our eating habits. Well, OK. Maybe 2 full levels of produce drawers, but I've never seen a fridge that offers that. For cleaning, a simple wipe out with vinegar and water spray is enough before it's filled to the brim again.

I also haven't looked into getting anything else. My produce keeps for a very long time. We have a ton of space and can see/reach everything easily. The temp is consistent.

The only other thing I'd change is how DH opens the door. For some reason, he thinks he's in a tug-o-war match and the fridge ends up moving around as a result. I don't have the same issue, so he's just heavy-handed. I need to figure out how to keep it from moving when others yank on it. But, you don't have to yank unless you want to open it immediately after it closes. Let it stabilize and it's super easy.

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I am looking at the Frigidaire vs the Electrolux. If they are made by the same company and they both do not have removable shelves...what am I paying more for in the Electrolux?

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Buying a new fridge is giving us a headache!!! like life there is nothing perfect. we're looking to replace our 13 yr old kenmore 24+cuft top freezer and would like to replace it with about the same size french door w/icemaker in the bottom , I asked a salesman at Lowes Home Imp. which brand has least problems , he gave me a model of a Whirlpool..came home and looked it up on Lowes site and 14 out of 17 people would not recommend that model.only 3 liked it.go figure that out. anyone have any good recommendations on a 24 cu ft french door unit w/icemaker not in the door but in the freezer..thanks for any info you may have, this is a very helpful site and have a nice day.

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Since many here are asking, yes Electrolux makes Kenmore's separate fridges, and of course also makes Frigidaire since they own the brand, and all three share their basic design. The Frigidaire is typically the cheapest but has fake instead of real stainless steel, incandescent lighting instead of LEDs, and such (or did as of a year ago, may have changed). The Electrolux has a few extra features. I don't know what they are off hand, but anyone can read their online spec sheets and find out. The Whirlpool is completely different. Danby and WC Wood used to sell them too, not sure if they still do.

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Be careful with Whirlpool's "twins." When we looked 7 years ago, they specified a minimum of 3 1/2 to 4" clearance around each side and the back, while the Frigidaire set was zero-clearance.

We went with the Frigidaire set and have been VERY pleased ever since. The freezer actually has a vacuum seal that activates when you close the door, so don't try to open it again for about 30 seconds.

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We purchased the Fridgedaire Twins in 2007, had them about 2 years and the freezer side went out, repairs were nearly as much as new. Worked perfectly till we sold the house in 2011. Now ready to do a remodel again and am seriously considering purchasing them again. Any comments on the new taller models?

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It's now 6 months after my last message. In the meantime we have purchased a home in Aiken, SC - closing in 5 days! - and our first remodeling thought was - "How can we modify the kitchen to accommodate the Frigidaire All-Refrigerator and All-Freezer pair?"
We are so accustomed to the ones in our Chicago condo, that they now seem like a necessity - not a luxury!

They are now in a larger size 19 vs 17 cu. ft., but still zero clearance and counter depth. I checked out the Electrolux look-alikes. (They also make the Frigidaire.) A couple of minor enhancements in shelving, but clearly NOT worth the extra cost over the Frigidaire pair.

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Anyone here have the electrolux double trim kit? i'm looking into it now - and want to use the least amount of grill as possible - what is the difference between the 72" Tall Stainless Steel Double Collar Trim Kit

and the Double Convertible Louvered/Collar Trim KIt

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