Grill Hook Up form Sm. LP to Large LP

scopasSeptember 30, 2002


I have a question regarding hooking my grill up to my large "whole house" LP tank.

I purchased a kit made by Char Broil, the brass fittings, and a flaring tool to do the hook up. There is an existing lp gas line running to the house next to my deck for my gas log fireplace. I have put a "T" adaptor in and installed the "quick connect" that came with the Char-Broil kit. The kit came with 12' of hose to run to the grill. I have removed the attacment that screws on to the sm. lp tank on the grill's regulator to install a fitting that would allow me to hook to the supplied 12 foot line. After doing the install, I checked for leaks and fixed as necessary. Being late in the year, my Large LP tank has little to no gas it. (I would normally only use it in the winter.) It should be filled today.

Here is the problem...After installing all of this I realised that the kit that I bought was for connecting an LP grill to allow it to use Natural Gas. I have a regulator on the large propane tank and I still have the regulator on the small tank. Aside form feeling like an idiot, I am concerned that I may break or blow something up.

Please let me know if I am at risk. Sorry this is so lon winded....



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Your fine. The regulator on the grill should hold the pressure to 11" of pressure. No worries as long as no leaks.

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Thanks for the quick response. After posting my initial message, I called my local gas company and explained what I had done. They told me that I needed to remove the regulator on the grill. They cited the reason as the regulator that is currently on the large Prop. tank will regulate the flow of gas to the grill. They mentioned that if I left the regulator on the grill, that the flow of gas would be less than needed to operate the grill correctly. Does this sound like it is correct to you?

Thanks again.

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I suppose that could be true considering that those LP valves are designed to handle a high incoming pressure. Since you have one to the house already it might actually restrict the flow and not allow enough BTU's.

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