Side burner recommendation

bluehaven_gwebSeptember 27, 2013

I am looking for a side burner to put in our outdoor built-in kitchen. Looking for something more powerful than a 15,000BTU (heard from friends that a 15,000btu is not really good for blackening fish or frying outside). Any recommendation on one that you like that is also not way too expensive.

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Not sure if this is an option for you but I bought my grill before side burners were in vogue and I often found myself needing another appliance to cook things off of the grill surface. Since my grill is near an electric outlet I bought an electric hot plate.

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I know DCS has some that are 17,500 but that is the biggest btu side burner I have seen. Does 2,500 more BTUs make that much like to know.

They make power burners that put out 60k btus but they are bigger single burner styles.

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Just bought a Firemagic power burner, 60k BTUs, got lucky and found a floor model

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Napoleon has an infra red side cart burner that will have no problem getting you to temperature and fast. Lynx has a built in side burner that goes to 46,000 BTU and a dual 15k side cart burner (crazy $ though).

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I'm unsure what my DCS burner output is, however I used it for the first time yesterday and it boiied water more quickly than my DCS cooktop in the kitchen. Mine came free on a promo with the bbq, however yesterday was the first time I put it to the test. FYI it's a double sideburner.

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