Hair Coloring Questions..Need Advice

lydia1959March 15, 2003

A couple weeks ago I colored my dishwater blonde hair a lighter blonde. First time in my 40+ years I've ever colored my hair. It's just a shade lighter than what it was, most people haven't even noticed it. Anyway ~ DD claims my hair is orange and I agree that in the right light it does have an orange tint.'s my questions ~ can I completely recolor my hair the same color to lighten it up more? Would that take out the orange or make it worse? How long do I need to wait before recoloring?

I used Nutrisse Garnier in Champagne Fizz. This brand left my hair really soft and managable, so I'd like to continue using it.

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Lightening can leave the reddish pigments untouched, which mekes them more visible. Also, with some people's hair, "golden" blonde turns visibly reddish.

Perhaps using an "ash" shade that is a bit lighter then your original "dishwater" would work better.

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Hi Lydia,

Please don't try and fix your hair before contacting the hotline for the product you used. They may be able to help you through your dilema. It is very normal to get the results you have on your level(color) of hair. If you put the same color on it it MAY pull a little bit more of the orange out, or it may make it worse.

I have seen very few home blondes that look natural. Unless you look good in very warm tones I would avoid it, or color and get weaves over the color for dimension. In my opinion it is best to leave blondes to the pros unless you are naturally very blonde to begin with.

If you are trying to cover gray, and using a permanant haircolor try to stay within a shade or two of your natural haircolor, rather than trying to be a light blonde. Your results will look more natural that way.

The problem most people have when they color their own hair, blonde in particular; is that the natural hair pigment of your level is a red or red/orange, and that is why you get an orange or brassy look. As the permanant color lifts it exposes those underlying pigments.

Another option if it isn't too orange: Have some foil highlights added, a bleach will cut through the orange. If the other color isn't going to look good with your current color a semi color can be added inbetween the foils to tone the orange down. A hairdresser would have to use foil or comparable weave technique to do the latter, not use a cap.

Hope that helps, I'll check back and see how it's going.

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