What body shape?

LibbyLizMarch 23, 2009

I don't know what body shape I am, even after pouring over pictures & descriptions on the web. Please, can anyone help me?

Most of my weight seems to be distributed on my waist & thighs.

I do notice a certain shirt gets snug in the sleeves & my bra strap gets tighter when I gain weight, but that seems to be one of the later things to happen.

I always have trouble finding shirts to fit the length of my arms so I always wear short sleeves.

I opt for long/tall jeans & roll or hem them up if they're too long, but usually they're good in the length.

I've always pretty much had no much butt & my hips don't have the "pinch an inch" (or more) like my waist & around my bra strap region.

The jeans I've bought, because I'm cheap, especially when I gain & lose weight like a yo yo, are loose in the waist, fit good in the hips/butt region, but are tight in the thighs.

I'm 5 ft 9 in with supposedly a medium to large bone structure.

I thought I was a pear, but I don't think I fit all the requirements.

Then I thought maybe I was an apple, but again, I don't think I fit all the requirements.

Am I maybe a ruler or column, or something else?

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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Why does it say there's one follow up posting when there's nothing under my original post? *CONFUSED*

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