Does anyone have a tin like this?

sjarzJuly 10, 2011

I am wondering if anyone else has a tin like this and if so, do you know anything about its origin. Mine is unmarked as far as maker goes. If anyone else has one like it, I'd love to know anything you know about yours...


Suzan J

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I like that tin. Considering a few of the blocks show Helvetica (meaning Swiss)lettering that was introduced in 1957, I would say it was made after that. I don't know when that style Orphan Annie doll came out but I'm sure someone here does. That would help somewhat on how old it might be. There is a place in Lancaster County Pa. that sells nothing but tins (new) and I've seen some very close to that type design and theme. I have seen tins in the past where a sticker was affixed giving the origin of the tin and, that label could easily be removed.

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That's interesting and helpful, thankyou. You meant Raggedy Anne of course, not Orphan Annie!
Suzan J

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Not sure if this will help or not.

I use a search engine that compares an image that you click on to billions of images on the web.

If it finds comparable images .. It gives you the links.

Here are the ones it found for your picture ..

Here is a link that might be useful: Tineye

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Don't bother with the link.

I went and looked and all I saw were some non english sites where you can't tell what your looking for or Amazon .. selling jigsaw puzzles and .. they're out of this one. 8)

The links expire in 72 hours anyway.

Sorry for the confusion

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hahahaha...yes, of course, I meant Raggedy Anne. I'm not into dolls, only the live ones!!! But looking at the dolls face, it looks like a more modern cartoonists technique. I'm only guessing on that.
Try looking through a magnifying glass at the images...does it look as though the images are made up through a series of various colored dots?

Something else to look the bottom or inside really reflective? Really older tins have that "cross hatching" look or are the dull gray color. Even if yours is only 50 years old or less, it can still have a minimum value of 5-10 dollars. It should surely go up in value, especially if you throw pocket change into it.

I started saving tins years ago. I live in a rural area and when it snows, I usually plow several of my neighbors driveways. Most are up there in age and usually I end up with tins of cookies and they never want the tins back. None are really old but many are quite interesting. They're great for buttons, nuts and bolts and small things I don't want to throw away. They go into the tins, I forget I even have them only to be discovered years later. I've kept seeds in them, broken useless watches, candle/soap making stuff/keys to long gone locks/contents from old wallets when I change over to a new one/you name it. I haven't figured out why I'm saving that stuff.I think that's funny because most people I know do the same thing.We opened a tin a friend had that his parents kept. We opened it and found an old electric bill from the 50's for $3.00

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