Revlon Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil Refill

MrsJrsMarch 26, 2003

I have used the Revlon Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil and refills for years and years. Now that I am retired, however, I don't wear makeup every day and have gotten out of the makeup loop so when I looked for refills recently I was stunned to learn that Revlon no longer carries the pencil or the refills! I also checked their website and, sure enough, the product is gone! So: I need help. Do any of you have any refills in any of the grey shades that you would be willing to sell me? (I prefer light grey, but, at this point, would feel lucky to have any grey color.) I have tried other kinds of eyebrow pencils - my daughter has a jillion of them - but nothing else works as well or looks as good. My hair is white and I have a small face, so I need just a tiny bit more than a small hint of color and I just can't get that look with any thing else. I would be glad to pay both for the refill and the postage and a small (remember, I am retired) amount for your time and trouble.

Thanks, Martha

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Check out this link. They sell discontinued Revlon, Almay, UltimaII, Streetwear products. They've the eyebrow refills in 4 shades but don't say what shades they are. They've phone number you can call. I never ordered from them so don't know about their customer service. Usually discontinued products will end up at Big Lots and Dollar Tree. I don't see them at DT, haven't been at Big Lots for awhile. If you have these stores near by you, check them out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cosmetics and More

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Kris: Thanks for the linc to Cosmetics and More - I just checked the site and placed an order for five refills!

Where in Texas are you? A few years ago I lived just South of Ft. Worth in Burleson. I loved Texas (except for the heat and the fire ants) and the people are friendlier than in anywhere else either of us have lived. Both my husband and I made some good friends there and we still keep in touch. Two different couples plan to visit us here in Missouri within the next six months or so.

Thanks again for the link.


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Your welcome. Let me know how fast the shipping is. Do they charge a lot for S&H? I might order some stuff from them one day.

I'm in north of Austin, the music capital, what they call here. We got our last freezing temp. last week and has been in 80F since then. Summer is around the corner. Bluebonnets are blooming, quite a sight. Hate those fireants, you should see those mounds couple months ago, everywhere, in the yard, flower beds and along the highways. And those giant grasshoppers start showing up. I hate them more than fireants since they chew all my flowers. When I told relatives in NW how big they are, they couldn't believe it. Some are bigger than my middle fingers. I agree that people here are friendlier than any other place. If you're rude, you're not Texan. :)

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I am looking to buy new or used - Revlon's refillable mechanical pencil. Let me know if anyone has an extra!

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I am growing weary and old looking for someone who sells refills for my eyebrow pencil which uses very thin soft lead. I tried cosmetics and more but couldn't make any sense of it. I use to order these from someone who advertised on the web but of course lost all information on her. Could you be of help to me. Thanks. Gini

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I am also looking for refills for my Revlon eye liner pencil, where do we get them from, I notice one person on ebay has refills for $69.95 each, will not pay that much but will pay a good price if I can get a couple.

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Has anyone had any luck finding refills for the Revlon mechanical eyebrow pencil?? Have been searching for years!! Appreciate any help.

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I also appreciate very much if you can share if someone can locate who else carries the Revlon Mechanical eyebrow pencil refill at a reasonable price. The last time I ordered from Cosmetics and More (in 2006), it was only $3.55 each. I purchased some before in 1999 from Revlon Outlet Store but both of them have now closed. This is a small clear plastic tube that contains 2 or 3 refills in it. Someone said the refill was made by Max Factor. I wonder if Revlon and Max Factor products are interchangeable. I have attached a picture. Thanks so much in advance.

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Help. I'm also looking for the revlon pencil refills. I need dark brown. Are there any other pencils of this type by other cosmetic companies?

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Hi josep.merli I came across your request when I was trying to find a YSL propelling eyeliner pencil as I have oodles of leads and have lost my pencil and new ones are no longer available.
I rang our local YSL retailer and she tells me Maybelline ,MAC and Estée Lauder make eye lining propelling pencils as do Clinique...perhaps you could try one of those. If they take replace leads.
Wish I could find a replacement YSL pencil for all my spare leads shall wander in and see if they fit into any of the above. Goodluck.

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I have tried both the mechanical pencils for lipstick & eyebrow liner & also find the refills impossible to find now! I try the regular pencils for both but they are horrible to try & sharpen to get a new tip!! I tried a razor blade & an elect. pencil sharpener and all either do is 'eat away' the pencil without getting a nice sharp tip. Someone suggested freezing the pencil first ... tried that and still grinding away the pencil w/o getting a nice tip!
Why did these companies do away with making the mechanical pencil & the refills for the brows, lips, etc.?

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