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erlybrdJuly 10, 2013

as with the crock this is a piece from the home i've purchased. I'm not sure of the age and cannot find a makers mark of any type on it. The rear of the cabinet is handnailed with what appear to be about 4penny framing nails and are in slats about 1/4 inch thick. due to the water damage inside the home and the length of time the home was allowed to stay exposed to the elements all the doors are swollen and require force to be closed. I've opened them and placed a fan running on it in hopes of drying it out but it may require my orbital sander to ever totally work properly again.

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My guess would be a home made item. I have one tucked in the corner of my kitchen I yanked out of a previous old house and brought with me. Being rustic, functional and crafted by an individual for his particular needs does not diminish its charm or value in the long run.

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Before you take a sander to it, have a local expert look at it. Some of the really old corner cabinets are shockingly valuable ... but not if they've been sanded. However, it's hard to tell from your picture whether or not this may be one of them. Could we see close-ups of the hinges, the back, the bottom and sides of the drawers, the knobs, etc.? Is the key escutcheon ivory and is the lock mechanism still intact?

How old is the house you bought?

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The home was built in the 60s. I am told the owner now deceased was an avid antique collector. His nephews inherited the home and almost suceeded in destroying it before selling it to me. I am a builder and will try to photo the knobs and back for you. At the moment it has been in a very damp environment for a long time and will scrub to shut. The lock mech is working and in tact with the key. As best i can tell the entire piece is walnut including the crown and dental molding. the two back panels are unfinished 1/4 approximate thick walnut planks 6 inches wide and are face nailed with what looks like a 4 penny framing size nail. A local antique shop said she felt it would retail anywhere from the low 500s to as much as 1000 in her store. Neither of us could find a makers mark and she was offering a best guess based on what she saw and what the thought her market would do. There are so many pieces in here to go through i will be researching this stuff for the next decade.

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