for 50+, favorite mascara?

marys1000March 11, 2007

I am 50 now and my once beautiful lashes are now much fewer,

thinner, bent at odd angles etc. I wear glasses, only sometimes contacts. My eyelids droop a lot more now too.

I don't wear mascara very often any

more but sometimes feel the need and no longer have a favorite.

Anyone in the older set that has a favorite to recommend?



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my favorite is Lash Discovery from maybelline-easy to remove and no globs or clumps

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I'm also looking for a new one; I think I'd do better with a very thin wand and most seem to have a fat one, so the results are clumpy on skimpy lashes....

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Can't wait to hear some input on this. I always used L'Oreal Voluminous but that just seems to clump on my diminished lashes now.... sigh...

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I'm over 50 and have thinner eyelashes than I used to have. I'm also bothered by eye allergies more and find I need waterproof mascara. I experiment alot and tend to mix different brands together as I haven't found the perfect one, that stands out on it's own. The only drugstore mascara I have used lately is Maybelline's full and soft. I frequently use MAC Zoom waterproof over it to make my eyelashes fuller. I like Merle Norman's mascaras also. I have tried several of their mascaras as GWP. Mostly, I wish I didn't have to fool with mascara at all but I don't look right without it.

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Over 50 and getting droopy. The most important thing now, for me, is to curl the lashes with an eyelash curler. If I do that and nothing else it opens up my eyes and makes me look younger, less droopy, more alert and better rested. My lashes are dark already, and sometimes masacara looks hard and makes me look older. Lately, I've just been using a tiny bit of eyeliner on the outer corners of both upper and lower lashes.

I do find that the curl relaxes after a couple of hours, and I picked up some clear mascara today to use as a kind of "hair gel" for my lashes. I'm hoping it won't look harsh like mascara does, and any flaking or running will be invisible.

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I like Maybelline Full and Soft. It's a nice combination of thickener and lengthener without having too much clumpy body. Even though I have dark hair and eyes I use brownish black. Avoiding a too-dark color should make you appear more youthful.

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Chanel makes mascara in soft colors like Smokey Quartz and blacks that have a touch of green or maroon in them so they are not harsh. Jet black never looks good on an older woman even if she has black hair.

And that clear mascara is good to use to tame wirery eyebrow hair too.

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I was reading about lash extensions in a magazine; mighty tempting....

good idea bud, about going lighter; I'll try that.

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I was interested in the lash extension, too. They really tempted me. But then I realized that it's the curling that has the biggest eye-opening effect, and I figured you couldn't curl them. Is that right?

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I have recently started using Covergirl Volume Exact mascara, and it works quite well on my skinny, thinning lashes. There are several other brands that are going with the idea that a more comb-like brush works better than the thick brush. I used the Mabelline pink and green bottle mascara for years, but it clumps on my skinny lashes now, thus the change to the Covergirl. Try it, you might like it!

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A good friend of mine turned me onto the perfect mascara, thin wand, no smearing, really makes lashes look long and thick AND it comes off with just soap and water.

It's Loreal Telescopic Mascara. I bought mine at Target.

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I went to the L'Oreal site and this mascara is not listed? Is it very new or have they already discontinued it? I've been hearing very good remarks about it but it always seems like what everyone's raving about gets discontinued!

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Hi Arkansas_Girl - here it is at Walgreens.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loreal Telescopic Mascara

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Thanks but I have seen it in the stores...I'm just wondering if they've already taken it out of their line up of mascaras? I'd hate to find yet another holy grail product only to have it discontinued. It's the story of my life! Boohoo!

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Well why not just enjoy it while it's here? It's a great mascara. These companies are always discontinuing things to make room for the new lines. If you are afraid you'll love it and then it'll get discontinue, then stock up on them.

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I still like maybelline! I bought some Cover Girl Volume Extract and it's ok, but it isn't any better than the maybelline. I use either brown or brown/black

shaun, I plan to try the L'Oreal brand, thanks!

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get them dyed. it's about $15 in a salon but make sure you are getting a vegetable dye from a licensed aesthetician. Lasts for several months and no raccoon eyes --- ever.

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Just tried L'oreal's telescopic mascara this morning and I really, really like it (thanks Shaun). The wand is more like a comb and I could feel it separate the lashes. Definitely a keeper.

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Rachel, I love the little comb like wand too.

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A lady at MSN told me about Maybelline "Define-a-Lash". I tried it and I LOVE it!!!! It is perfect for my 60+ year old fading lashes, and since I bought the washable kind, it is easy to remove. I also bought the waterproof kind, and wore it this week on a hot, high humidity day, to a graveside service funeral! It stayed raccoon eyes! Hope this helps someone...

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Good old Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara. Affordable, available at any drug store or grocery. I've used it since I started using mascara many moons ago.

I use waterproof for weddings and swimming. For everyday, I like the non-waterproof - I like the Maybelline as it washes off easily.

I am a firm believer in black mascara for all women, all ages, all hair colors.

Brow gel is another best friend. I use the brown color as it matches my hair color, and it tames and fills in where they grey hairs have started coming in:)). I don't care for the harsh look of eyebrow pencil.

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There are lots of good suggestions for mascara here. A great site to check out makeup is People post there and give reviews of all kinds of makeup and beauty products.

I also like to curl my lashes and the secret to make it last longer is to heat the eyelash curler with your blowdryer. It just takes a second or two. Be careful not to get it too hot. Heating the curler really helps set the curl.

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