Petite size clothing?

riverrat1March 14, 2005

I'm looking for new ideas and places to shop for petite size clothing! I do shop a little online but I really like to try clothes on before buying. I have some body issues that I try to hide and it makes it difficult to do so by looking at photos on the internet. I shop alot at Talbots only because I can always find something there. After awhile all the clothes begin to look the same at Talbots. LOL! I'm 5'2" and like a classic look with a little funk added in accessories. If anyone knows of a place to shop for petites either online or a store please pass it on.


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I also am a talbot's gal, but I make my own casual clothing like summer linens and gauze. It's a skill a small woman needs.

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Karen, I have the same problem finding clothes. I like Talbots, however I am now a little too overweight to wear them. It's more because of my shape that the overweight part. Presently, I have two choices in town - Parisian and Dillards Petites. For sportswear they are okay. When it comes to dress clothes they seem to only have suits so they aren't much of a choice either. If you hear of any good places I would love to hear from you.

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I like Kohls. If you have one near you check them out. Great sales also.

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Hi Beverly, I live in Alabama too. When I saw Dillards and Parisians I thought maybe you are in Montgomery. It's a shopping wasteland isn't it?

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Fellow shortie here. I like Macy's petite department. The styles are a bit more fun. Nordstrom is good too. I have done very well shopping the sales racks in both stores. Talbot's is a little stiff for me. Gap has been good for casual slacks and jeans. They have several cuts, one works well for me and I like the just below the waist rise. The sizing names are weird, the petite size is called "A". Don't know why.

Liz Claiborne petites are sometimes good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liz

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yes liz claiborne petites are terrific. I especially like the cut of their jeans.

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Great information guys. Looks like I'm stuck shopping on-line. Where I live there are just not alot of choices for petite clothing.

Beverly, as I shop on-line I will keep a list and e-mail the list to you. We live withing 2 1/2 hours of two metropolitain areas but sometimes I just want to go shopping with out leaving town.

BarnMom, I seem to remember you saying somewhere on a thread that you were short also. Most days it doesn't bother me, I have adjusted coming from a family of small people. The Gap we have rarely has any petite jeans in I usually order on-line. Sigh, back to the computer for shopping. I have taken a look at the Liz site. I actually found a nice linen shirt on SALE! Lucky me!! I never find anything on sale!

dayenu, I only wish I had the talent to make my own clothes. I admire people that sew and are crafty, neither of which I am!!

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sewing can be learned by anyone. especially if you start with unstructured clothing. the new nachines do most of the work for you, you just steer them.

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Karen thank you. Any help would be great!

Dayenu, I live in the Huntsville area and the shopping is probably about like Montgomery. Birmingham isn't much or any better. There used to be a Rich's and a Macy's in B'ham. One of them closed.

Many years ago I made most of my clothes. Then one day, years ago, they changed all the patterns sizing. In addition to that, growing older changed my sizing. I've got lumps where I didn't have them before. Sewing isn't any fun at all for me anymore! I just refuse to do it!

There is a mail order catalog that I like fairly well. It is Draper and Damon. Brownstone Studio is another one. It's just that mail order frequently has to be returned and they really don't have much of what I'm looking for either.

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