looking for jeans in small sizes

BridgetMarch 20, 2003

I am looking for help in finding brands/stores that carry size 3,4,5 jeans. I cannot seem to find anything smaller than a size 6 anymore.Lee and Chic fit me well, but they inform me that they have stopped production of the smaller sizes.I have a 26" waist and a 35" hip.If you have similar measurements, can you help me? I know Levis come small, but they look horrible on me. I am a perfect size 14 in the little kids department, but the styles don't suit a woman in her 40's! Also, has anyone tried the Lands End custom jeans? If they don't fit, can you return them?

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The only pair of jeans that have ever fit me have been my 24-inch Guess. I think they size "by waist" and they are the "24". They are the low-rise waist.

They are the boot-cut kind, not my favorite because I'm not a 17 year old or a hippie. But that is all I can find.

They fit like a dream!

I'm 36/24/36. A little different from you but still, petite.

- darkeyedgirl

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Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Guess. Go to Jr. dept., I found more petite sizes there. Check out Banana Republic too.

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I haven't tried them, but yes, Lands End will take them back if they don't fit.

I've done well at 'Express' they usually carry lots of 2s and smaller odd sizes as well.

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Gap has small sizes also and a nice variety.... try to find a salesperson who knows the stock well....

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Clothestime! Really. You'll find small size fashionable and cheap jeans there. I don't think they carry Levi's though. Also the Gap, Guess and Old Navy. I like the Gap because they also offer different lengths. And if you're petite, or have a short waist like me, the newer lower-waist styles fit better.

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I don't know if you have a Western shop around you, but I have been getting jeans by Cruel in size 3, slim fit, short length. They fit well and are not the low rise kind. I bought them for riding but now wear them all the time. My shop will even order in the short length for me. I know what you mean about the current styles not feeling right for us "mature" women. I'm just glad I'm not trying to dress a daughter these days. It would be nothing but a battle of wills. Do you have small feet as well? Its just as hard to find small shoe sizes too. Good luck,,,LL

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Go to a store that specializes in juniors too. My size 0 to size 2 daughter finds things at Wet Seal if she looks carefully and stays away from that trashy look. She also finds some 0s at Banana Republic. Old Navy has nice jeans.

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