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stoneybaloneyMarch 9, 2003

After a highly stressful year that took its toll on my nails, I caved in and got acrylics for the Christmas season. Loved the look, and was faithful with maintenance. As spring approaches and I look forward to spending many hours in the garden with my hands in soil, (usually wear gloves but sometimes not) I decided to go back to my natural nails.

I had the acrylics removed yesterday, and as expected, my natural nails are very weak and tender. What product(s) can I use to strengthen them? Right now I'm using an ooolllldd bottle of Mary Kay Nail Fortifier. But I'm sure there's new product out there, I just don't know what's good and what's not.

Thank you for any suggestions!


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OPI Nail Envy is pretty good. You should be able to get it from your nail salon. I've also seen OPI products sold at a lot of hair salons. We can get it at good old London Drugs in Canada, so maybe try your local drugstore?

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OPI is sold at Penney's hair salon, by the way. I have never tried THAT, but I find as I age my fast-growing nails have thinned and chip down to nothing on a daily basis.What I tried is Sally Hanson silk nail wrap.I don't do my entire nail, I just paint a thin line across the edges and then dip it into the powder.Just use very little glue or the line will be visible under polish.(It is clear, so you can use clear polish.)You can also just sprinkle the powder on for a lighter effect.It is great if you get those little nail tears on the sides of your nails like I do.

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I've been thru the same thing you have and vowed never to use any fake nails again because they ruin my real nails. While waiting for my nails to strengthen and grow, my hairdresser put me on to Nailtiques and it is great. It is a nail protein and you would use #2. Use it as directed and it prevents chipping and splitting until they are healthy again. You put one coat a day on and in 3 or 4 days your nails look like glass. I don't know where else you can buy it but I buy it at Trade Secret.

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I second the Nailtiques #2, but in my case, if I don't keep up with it, my nails revert back to lousy (split/weak). A friend of mine recommended it a few years ago. I had gotten 'fake nails' for my wedding 6 years ago, and my real nails went from bad to worse. Never again!!!!!!! I have found Nailtiques at Harmon stores for $12.99. CVS also started selling it for $17.99.

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Ive used Nail Envy, Nailtiques and others with some success, but the only thing that hardens mine substantially is nail glue. It sounds wierd but I use a fast drying brush on nail glue and paint it all over the surface. After it dries I lightly buff any strokes or ridges from the surface and leave them natural or paint them. It comes off with acetone nail polish remover (must be soaked a bit though).


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Former acrylic wearer here. Been using T.I.P.S. from QVC and my old nails have improved greatly in strength. I actually have good length on one hand, but the other, while strong, they break more often, so they're short. I do miss having 10 long beautiful nails.

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No one on here mentioned that a daily vitamin of BIOTIN will work WONDERS for your nails.
I have never been a "nails" type of woman.Mine have always just been rather short and sometimes painted a natural color.Maybe on the holidays I'd get fake ones.

Anyhow,I started taking BIOTIN to help with hair growth and my nails started growing like crazy! Not only did they grow fast,they are STRONG and hard.
I'am so pleased that I now give myself manicures every week
and I'll never pay for fake nails again.

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