Cleaning ceramic briquettes

engineeredgardenSeptember 21, 2008

What is the easiest way to clean the ceramic briquettes used in a gas grill? This is my first year using them, and I've never cleaned them before. They really need it!


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I would just fire up the grill and burn them off...just like a self cleaning oven.

The whole idea of grilling is easy clean up...just burn off, and brass brush those grates and burners..that's is about it.

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As stated above, with maybe one extra step if you want to get them clean. Normally I would turn the grill on high for about 20 minutes and burn most of the stuff off. About every 2 or 3 months I will take them out after a burn and brush them off with a stiff brush along with the tray that holds the ceramics in place.

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I think these R the white flat ones and not the Lava Rocks? I had these on a indoor grill in my kitchen. I would spray them with Easy Off oven cleaner and then run them though my dishwasher in one of those mesh bags in which U purchase onions or potatoes. Just B sure that U have set your control to air dry and not the heated dry. The bag will melt. After several years I just purchased smoker plate and did away with all of the cleaning. It just turns to white ash and is brushed off. U can run them through your dishwasher if U wish.

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I've soaked 'em in a bucket of water and some simple green or other degreaser to get the crud off. Then put them back in the grill and put on high for 20-30 mins.

Also, they're not terribly expensive, so it might be worth the $10-15 for a new set to save yourself the hassle of cleaning.

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