Is anyone out there?

MacQSeptember 5, 2005

I'm a regular visitor at a number of other THS forums and they all seem very active. This forum, well, isn't. Is there some other web site or forum that outdoor cooking folks use instead?

And, in case anyone sees this, I was also interested in a "recent" posters question about hood fans over outdoor grills. Any opinions or experience on that?

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Hi Mac! I just drifted by. I don't know the answer to that question, but I do know the regular 'cooking' forum is very active and they are a wonderful group of people who could possibly help. I think the forum are sometimes crossed and most just latch on to the more active ones. Heck, who wants to wait 3-9 months for an answer?


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MacQ join us over on the Cooking Forum. As Duane mentioned we are a very active forum and we cover just about everything and anything related to cooking including BBQs and Grills.


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Sure, MacQ, come on over to Cooking. We talk about EVERYTHING over there.

I will admit that Ann T is much better at cooking on a grill than I am. My method is to put food on the grill until it turns black, then try to eat it. I think some others have better recipes.


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Hi MacQ! I rarely think to come over here to see what's cookin' because we really do cover it all on the cooking forum. Come on over! Don't worry, there are a lot of outdoor grill cooks over there who have more finesse than Annie does, LOL! (She has tons of finesse, but grilling doesn't seem to be her thing :-)

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