weber silver genesis B valve/burner question

blubirdSeptember 7, 2009

We have a 5 year old NG Weber BBQ grill. We have noticed that the back burner doesn't fully light. We have taken it apart and as per the manual, we cleaned out the burner tubes and cleaned the spider guards. THere was no large accumulation of dirt or spider webs in the burner tubes and the spider guards were relatively clean. After all the disassembly the last burner still does not light all the way. The first and middle burners are fine, the connector bar on the left is lit, but the last burner is barely lit halfway from the LEFT. We are surmising, perhaps incorrectly, that the valve on the manifold for that burner may be clogged. How does one check and clean the valves on the manifold? Or any other suggestions?


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So far you did a great job. However I did not see that you brushed the burner tubes on the outside. At times gunk does get past the flavorizer bars and clogs the little openings on the burner. Weber described this problem in their old mullet wrapper "The Grillout Times" and recommended to use a a clean wire brush (don't recommend using the one you clean the grates with or more gunk will get on burner)and lightly clean the exterior of the burner using a front to back motion. Do not clean the burner using a side to side motion. I did as described and the lazy burner then lit all the way across.

Hope this helps.

Very Respectfully,

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Jeff, thanks for your reply. I'd forgotten to mention that we had brushed the tubes on the outside as well, and there was no change in that burner - there was still no flame from the middle of the burner all the way to the right side where it leaves the shell of the BBQ. Any other ideas?


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When you had the internals (Flavorizer Bars) out did you do a test light to see if burner lit all the way across? Reason I ask is did the crossover pipe light all the way ie entire length (should run along the left side of the box)? Think what you are referring to as the connector bar is the crossover pipe.

Additionally the area that did not light on the rear bar I'd give that area a light brushing again.

If all else fails give Weber a call they are very helpful and their custome support is top notch.

Very Respectfully,
Fly Navy

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In our test lighting, the crossover (or what I call the connector) bar was lit along its entire length. We will try to brush the rear burner again...but we don't have high hopes. After that, a call to Weber will be in order - after I finish with Garmin and our GPS!

Thanks again for your help.


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I'm sure you will have a much more pleasant experience with Weber vice Garmin. I still have a flat spot on my head dealing with Garmin concerning one of the GPS' I have.
Keep us posted on what Weber says.


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