Advice on shapewear

azmomMarch 30, 2006

Any one uses any kind of shapewear? Please share your opinions on the brand names, styles, and what to look for when purchasing one? Thank you.

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I have the spanx underwear. I like that it doesn't leave a line at the end of the leg or dig in at the waist. It is fairly comfortable and gives a nice smooth line under dresses.

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Spanx seems very popular, but I've never used any shapewear. I believe they have a website, and I might have seen it on QVC.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Girdles you mean? he he ...
They do tend to lose elasticity over time and when exposed to heat from hot water or the dryer so wash in cold water and air dry.
And buy them snug...they will strech some anyway.

And they all fall into the category of never ever, letting your significant other see you wearing them.

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AZMOM, I looked on Spanx's site and they look great. Where do you buy yours? I checked WalMart and they don't have them. Is there one style you prefer over another? Thanks!

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I wanted to try some shapewear after watching Oprah and What Not to Wear, it seems everyone needs it. BUT when I went to my fav nice dept store and tried some on, I looked like a stuffed sausage and it was quite funny trying to get it on. I tried two different brands and had no luck, it just pushed my fat up higher:(

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Thank you Cheryleb and Socks12345 for introducing us the Spanx.

A few months ago, the friendly sales lady at the Nordstrom told me how very necessary a shapewear is to a woman, and then it was the "What Not to Underwear" program pushed me over the edge. This afternoon I got a couple of Spanx pieces from Nordstrom; it seems the quality is quite good. I will be back to report the experience after actually wearing them for a while.

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Thanks AZMOM. I'll try Nordstroms.


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I'm in Canada so no Nordstrom here. I believe I bought mine at Holt Renfrew in Ottawa. I tried the Bay but they didn't carry the brand.

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I have Spanx products and they are fantastic, I like the soft wide band on their knee highs; but , as much as the shapewear works, I can't stand the tightness, I don't wear it everyday.

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Tried the Spandx. It neither cuts circulation, nor shifts fat around. It gives a controlled, pliable and comfortable feeling and a smooth look. I am thinking about to get some other styles.

By the way, I moisturized my hands before put it on just to prevent causing any snags.

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I have tried both Spanx and Lipo in a Box and I like the lipo better. Well actually I like the SPanx better but found it didn't hold up as well. I got the item that goes all the way up to the waist and sits right under the bra line and that part is fine, but the leg part has fallen apart. It's the way they sew the leg up that fell apart after about a month. I found the Spanx at Marshall Field's.

So I tried the Lipo in a Box (from QVC) and it's more heavy duty. Still the same pantyhose material, but thicker. I don't like that there is a slight hem at the end of the thigh but they have held up much better than the Spanx. I LOVE wearing a shaper. It just makes everything fit much better and I look much better in my clothes with it.

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Thank you pommona; it is nice to have other choices.

I also got a Spanx's Hide & Sleek recently and really like it. The material is silker, thicker than the Power shapewear and feels wonderful.

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I bought Spanx power panties recently and I don't recommend the mid-waist version if you have an apple shape. I let the store lady talk me out of the high-waisted kind, even though I pointed out to her that I have an apple shape and often things that fall mid-waist on me will either "roll" or create a mid-waist fat roll that previously didn't exist (because upper-waist fat not benefitting from the underwear). Anyway, I took her advice and got the mid-waist rolled. Don't even know if I'll bother to try the high waisted version b/c they are so expensive and it felt too tight for me even though I bought the correct size according to the chart on the back of the package.

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Target carries a brand called Assets, made by the original creator of Spanx. $15. and they are great. And best of all, come in regular and plus sizes. No line on the leg either!

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Thanks for the tip, Tropicals. I checked Spanx out at Nordstroms and was a little surpised at the prices. Honestly, they look miserable to wear, but I'll need something for an event coming up. Will check Target.

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I highly recommend DKNY. the capri shaper is awesome. That is if you want stretchy but more control than spanx. I think spanx has nothing on the DKNY stuff. It is a bit more expensive, but it washes very well repeatedly. I have had some of her opaque essential toners for YEARS, and I wear them every day to work. They sell them at nordstrom on line too.

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I just finished reading the book, How Not to Look Old. It's actually a a very good book with good tidbits and advice. There are a few pages on shapewear, and the author actually recommneds various brands and tells you if they lift your derriere and/or flatten your stomach.

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I wear Spanx occasionally. The only gripe I have with them is I would like the legs to be a little longer because they ride up.

I tried another brand on at Kohl's a while back and it made swishy sounds when I walked and that was totally unacceptable, lol!!!!

You could try ebay for spanx if you know what size and style you need.

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I liberated myself from girdles back in the seventies. I ain't going back and it amazes me that others are now subjecting themselves to this.

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I am looking for some shape wear that is not super tight, I find some to be so tight, it's uncomfortable

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I usually dress in pants and a shirt, so panty hose is not an every day thing for me.

I went to a wedding yesterday, and in the run-up to that I purchased the Assets high waist panty hose.

I was far more comfortable being able to pull the top band up to the bottom of my bra. It stayed there and created a nice smooth line from top to bottom. Ordinary panty hose have the elastic band digging into the softest part of my waist and creating a muffin top.

I won't wear them every day, but they are worth every penny of the $16 I paid at Target.

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