Ireland's Pit BBQ

zorro55555August 7, 2002

Does anyone remember an Ireland's Pit Bar-B-Que (brand name)that came in a can? It was most prevelent in East Texas around the mid fifties. It was really good and have been unable to duplicate or find anything like it here in Washington state.

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Have never seen it.

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I remember Ireland's BBQ. It was in a can and I believe it was made in Ft. Worth, TX. I was a Boy Scout in Houston in the early 1960's, and I remember taking Ireland's BBB on campouts. Did you or anyone else ever find out anything about it?

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Yes, I remember it from the 1960's. I liked it, but haven't seen any of it in years.

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It was still around in the early 70's because I used to fix it for my family. It was wonderful! Although it really didn't taste like BBQ, but had a great taste.

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Ireland's Bar-B-Que came into tow kinds. One chip beef, the other sliced beef. One of the cans was red the other in a green label can. Love to eat it.

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I sure do remember it. My Mom use to make our meals from scratch but when she had no time she'd pull out those
cans of BBQ. She was a great cook but we still looked
forward to Irelands.

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I grew up in East Texas in the 50s and 60s, and remember it well. My mom would open a can, and we all really looked forward to it. Wish someone has the recipe and would share it.

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To: zorro55555
From: mucho_hot
Yep I remember that stuff well. I remember it came in a green can. I remember that just before they went "kaput", they changed the recipe. I was still good but not like the old stuff. I didn't know it came from Texas. Ans yes, it didn't really taste like real bar b que, it had a taste of it's own. I don't know why it went defunct, maybe because of the wasn't all that cheap. When I found this blog/thread, I thought I was the only person on Earth that remembered it and liked it. There has to be a way to find out who made it. It was GOOOOODD!!!

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