Tipping home-based hair stylists

ramriceMarch 5, 2008

I need some advice---is a tip expected of a person who runs a hair salon out of their home? If so, what %?

I recently quit going to a hair salon because the price went up 10% and by the time I tipped the hair stylist his 20%, I was spending well over $100 for a color and a haircut. I am on a serious budget now, so I am going to try to do my own color and get a $35 haircut.

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I used to go to a home based salon and the hairdresser (owner) had a sign up saying tipping wasn't allowed. I totally agree with this since she gets all the profits.

Just last week I paid $105 for color and a haircut! I notice that hair salons don't break down the various services by price anymore - they just give you the total. My hair color was just an all over color that I could have achieved at home. It came out so dark that I bought a Loreal Highlighting kit the next day. It comes with the all over color and the highlights. I bought Toasted Coconut (the kits are on sale for $12.99 at RiteAid this week only). I used the highlight part and put some highlights in my hair and I am very pleased with it. When my roots show I will use the all over color part of the kit and touch up the roots and maybe blend some into the end. It is virtually foolproof but if you want some highlights in the back it would be easier to ask a friend or daughter - or a last resort husband - to do the back since that can be tricky. I've used this kit before and it is just as good as anything I've gotten at a salon. I've actually gotten compliments on my hair, something I didn't get when I was paying $100-$200! Also, I no longer automatically add 20% to my bill because of the outrageous prices they are charging. $10 is my limit, no matter what. Call me cheap, but I'm not a fool.

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I'll have to look into that one, Kathya. I just bought this Revlon highlighting kit at Drugstore.com, and I will use it myself and just get a haircut from this woman at her house. I'll also look at the L'oreal one to experiment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Revlon highlights

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That's what I'm going to do too, ramrice - have my hair cut by a professional but do the color myself. I highly recommend the Loreal Experte Colour Highlighting kit. It normally sells for around $18.99-$21.99 but I can usually find it on sale somewhere. I actually stocked up this week with 2 kits in 2 different colors to see which one I like best! For a haircut a few months ago, I did try Fantastic Sams for $12.95 but they added $3 on to cut layers into it! Can you believe it? The one thing I did get for my $105 was an excellent haircut so I'd go back to her for that. If I could cut my hair myself I'd do it. Getting my hair "done" was something I used to treat myself to because I love having someone do my hair, but it has gotten too ridiculous in $$.

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I go out to the local beauty school to have my hair colored. THey do a great job and I have bra strap length curly hair - runs me less than $40, tip included.

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Susancnw - I'd forgotten all about beauty schools! That is an excellent idea. I used to see them around my area years ago, but now that I think about it, I can't recall any in my area anymore. I'll have to look them up on the web. Even if I did my base color and have the beauty school do the highlights I could save some $$. Thanks for reminding me!

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