Unhappy with Virco Stainless Grill

GrillMeisterAugust 2, 2003

After reading many threads about the Virco Stainless Gas Grill from Costco in this forum, I finally gave my trusty Weber Genesis grill to a friend (with a truck) who helped me pick up my new $800 stainless steel grill.

That was 3 months ago. Since then I have not been able to get a blue flame, and most things turn into a conflagration as the juices hit the hot steel flame spreaders and ignite. The little smoker box did nothing but trap drippings and it was flame ON!

The final straw for me, was when all the lettering, instructions, toll free number for support, and such peeled off. This was after 2 months. My old 8 year old Weber still has the intstructions which are white porcelain on black porcelain.

I picked up a U-Haul trailer and hauled that grill back to Costco. They had just closed, but let me take it back without any hassle.

Costo is a great place to shop, but the Virco Kirkland Grill does not compare to a good old Weber Genesis!

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. I have been reading the threads too. I had my suspicions about the Virco and some of the other brands. I also thought that Weber was just brand name hype. However, it seems that Weber out performs other grills that cost more than three times the price. I now realize it doesn't make sense to buy a $200 Charbroil or an $800 Virco loaded with shiny steel if they don't cook as well because of flare ups, hot and cold spots, and other problems. I think the Weber Silver series will be fine for me at $450. I was surprised how people have been trying to impress their neighbors with the stainless steel fad. Since I don't have any neighbors, it won't make a difference. However, I did like the looks of the Weber Genesis "B" with the blue top.

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I'm very happy with my Virco grill. My flareups have been minimal and easy to manage. The thing I am most unhappy about is the thermometer. Not a big deal once I got an oven thermometer to sit on the grill when temperature control is important.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I hope you have better luck with your next grill.

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I did go ahead and purchase a large Big Green Egg and the results are amazing. I've had it since Wednesday and have smoked beef brisket, pork spare ribs, a whole chicken, grilled steaks and have grilled burgers twice. I still have some lump charcoal in the first 10# bag.

I'm disappointed that the Virco did not work out as it looked great (till the lettering peeled off), but in the end I am very happy with my Big Green Egg purchase. I only wish I would have tried one sooner.

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Maybe someone can help me, I just saw a mention of flareups on the Virco.

I haven't cleaned the grease tray in a while so perhaps that is the root of my problem. I was grilling some rib eyes tonight and had a huge flareup where it appeared the flames were coming from the flavor bars (is that what they're called?). So much food has accumulated there I guess it just caught fire. I was quite concerned when I could see the fires glow through the lower door crack.

I turned the burners off and moved the steaks, after which it finally simmered down. Had one hand on the phone dialing 911.

Anyone else have this type of flareup? Will turning the burners on high for 20 minutes burn everything off so I don't have this issue again (I WILL clean the grease tray too).


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Sue, a really good way to clean off the grids is to lay a piece of heavy foil acrossed them and turn the burners on high. Close the lid. Everything on the grids should turn to white ash if your grill gets hot enough. Should help clean your flavour bars as well.


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