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PomonaMarch 5, 2004

Looking at recent photos, I freaked out to see my face was GREY! In several pix I'm with other people whose faces are normal, but again, there's my grey mug. Look like a ghoul! Couldn't figure it out . . . until I read a makeup artist's webpage. He said foundations w/sunscreen are great, but NEVER buy one with Titanium Dioxide in it. (T.D. is a sunscreen w/WHITE pigment which is not visible to naked eye, so you look normal in mirror & in person.) However, when photographed, your face will appear a "ghostly grey." (Has to do with the white pigment.)

My foundation (Lancome Renergie Lift)does indeed have T.D. So now what? I LOVE this foundation! It's a perfect match.

I use an spf15 moisturizer, but it's important to me to have an spf15-20 foundation as well - way too many years spent tanning as a youth.

The major brands all seem to have T.D.

Anyone out there with a foundation w/SPF that doesn't use T.D.? Thanks a lot.

- The Ghoul

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If you are using a SPF moisturizer, why would you need an SPF foundation as well? I would try to find a match with a non-SPF foundation. I use Clinique oil-free foundation and love it. I have never noticed looking grey in photos.

You should go to several different makeup line counters and get good matches, recommended by the salesperson. If you get home and they end up being bad, you can return them. The biggest problem I have found with foundation is they look SO different in the store lighting than they do at home or the worst -- in natural sunlight. I went through many different colors until I found the one Clinique shade that works.

Another tip: I had a terrible experience with Prescriptives makeup. I have strong yellow undertones to my skin. When Prescriptives first came out I decided to try it and their big thing is to match your skin tone. Well the woman matched my skin tone, and I ended up with a yellow based foundation. Hello?!! I looked like I had liver disease! I returned that bottle and told her I wanted something with blue undertones to counteract the yellow in my skin. She could NOT deal with that and went on and on about the "perfect skin tone match with Prescriptives". I ended up just getting a refund and going back to Clinique. Sheesh!

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"Why would I need an SPF foundation as well?"

I'll tell you. I think most people don't realize how MUCH of any given product you need to apply in order to achieve the stated SPF. I've researched this a bit because I use a very thin layer of moisturizer & it occurred to me that I might not really be getting a full SPF 15 with such a light application.
Sure enough,"the tests" show that you need to use ~1 Tablespoon of moisturizer or foundation or whatever on your face in order to achieve the stated SPF! Who uses that much of anything on their face at one time? I use ~1/8 tsp. And I use the same amount of foundation. So when all has been applied, I still just have ~1/4 tsp of sunblocks on my mug, so I'm still way short of what is really needed to achieve an SPF of 15.
I've read this in a number of places & as I said, I spent my first 25 years dangerously tan & I can't afford to damage my skin further.

I can certainly appreciate your comment about the Prescriptives counter, tho. I guarantee that if anyone goes to 4 different stores & visits the same cosmetic counter at each one, (like go to Lancome 4 times) they'll have 4 different salespeople give the 4 completely different foundation colors that they claim are right for them. I've done this and I finally realized I have to shoo them all away & do it myself. I mean who has your best interests at heart? You ended up with a jaundiced face, & ended up orange every time!

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A tablespoon?!! No way! Although I am positive I have seen women with that much know, the ones where their face is 17 shades different than their neck... hehe.

I hope you find something that works for you.

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I have a foundation with an spf in it, but when I know I'm going to be in the sun a lot, golfing or whatever, I use a true sunscreen for the face, 25 or more, specially for the neck area, front and back,
and I don't rely only on the foundation, it's too risky. I have all kinds of powders and creams to give me a tan look on my face when I want it.....
I buy a good quality sunscreen for the face, and a more inexpensive one for the body, since I go throught a lot of that one, legs, arms, etc... I like Ombrelle lotion spf 15......

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Thanks for the tip.
You're right. It's silly to count on protection from a foundation. They're not in the sunscreen business, and as I mentioned, no one uses enough foundation to make the SPF really count for anything.
I recall reading good things about Ombrelle, but I haven't tried it. I'll be sure to pick some up.

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