Please show me your shower niches

kelvarJanuary 18, 2014

We still haven't decided on what size/shape of niches to put in our kids' bathroom. Can you please post pictures of your niches so I can see the various options?

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Everyone does niches - we did something different, having seen it in a hotel. Basically we had a half-height section of wall that jutted out from the wall (instead of an inset niche). We ended up with about 36" of shelf (all tiled) for our "stuff". We loved it.

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Babka NorCal 9b

sjhockeyfan- Got a pic? That is a really cool idea.


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We chose to do a small niche in the wall with the shower head. So far it's working well. 11 x 15.

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We did the same thing as sjhockeyfan. When we gutted our basement BR, we discovered that they had just drywalled up from the cinderblock foundation, 'wasting' 8" of space back there. We extended the 'shelf' the whole length of the room, so it continues from the 4 feet in the shower out to under the window, over the toilet. Love that space, 4 feet X 8", holds everything! LOL

Our Master BR niche is under construction, it is ~ 27" long, 5 1/2" deep, and 18" high. We will be putting a tempered glass shelf in at 6" high (using the golden rule of 2/3-1/3 proportions). I plan to put my razor, loofah, little bottles on the bottom granite shelf, and my bigger bottles of shampoo/conditioner on the higher shelf. I put a lot of thought into where to put the extra shelf, but as this niche is fairly high, ie bottom shelf is 54" high, I thought it would be easier to access the small stuff, and I could still easily grab the bigger bottles off the higher shelf.

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Ours is hidden so you don't have to look at all the stuff:

From far away:

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Really cool beagles!

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Niches are 36-1/2" wide. Top one is 11" tall, bottom one 14-1/2" tall. Both about 4-1/4" deep.

I get to put my extensive collection of beauty supplies on the leftmost 5" of the top shelf. My minimalist wife gets the other 68" of shelving for her stuff.

Her products do work though as she's a helluva lot better looking than me. She smells better too.

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Beagles, how was your niche constructed? Did you use a piano hinge for the tile to move on? Are there any problems with mold or water accumulating in your niche?
Thanks in advance

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We have a double, with granite accents.

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We had two different sized niches:

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Mongoct, LOL! That's how its going to work at our house too.

My niche is going to be long and tallish. about 4-5" deep. I still need to get it tiled. It is so cold here that I can't bring myself to get it going. I have been productive in other areas of our updates though, honest :)
Shower end of the niche. I would have extended it to the perpendicular walls of the shower but there were plumbing stacks in the way.

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I keep checking to see if you've finished yet Enduring! LOL We got the grouting all done yesterday, and today is final clean-up. My arm just couldn't handle any more last night! Then, I'm actually looking forward to a whole house spring cleaning... Once grout is cured and sealed, shower doors can go up, and then vanity and sink can go in....

How are you finishing off the edges of your niche? DH mitered everything, and it was painstaking he will never do again! Once I've cleaned it, will post a pic.

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rcs1 I can't reply to your email b/c you don't have gardenweb set up to receive emails through it.

Yes, it is a piano hinge. There have been no problems with mold or anything else in the niche that I am aware of. Our shower (niche included) is thoroughly cleaned 3x a week but I can't think that it would make a difference if it wasn't. No water accumulates.

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Raehelen, that is great that you are done! Now I am really feeling the pressure. I am going to finish my edges like Pipdog's niche. Just tile to the edge without a boarder surrounding the box. I will tile the interior first then the wall part so to cover the interior edges.

I jokingly said that I will put a very thin aquarium in there. My DH believed me, LOL. But wouldn't a terrarium look nice in there? The shelf could probably handle a thin terrarium :)

What did you do at the area where your doors will go? Did you try to aline the vertical grout lines to accommodate screw holes for the door (because grout would be easier to drill)? Or is that just plan silly? I can't really see in pictures very well how that is done.

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"What did you do at the area where your doors will go?" Huh?, I was supposed to plan that? Shiiite! We have 12 X 24 tiles, the end walls where the doors will go are ~ 36" long, so two tiles cut to 18" side by side. Doors will go somewhere on the tile, centered on the sill. I know some of the many hundreds/thousands of dollars spent on tools/supplies was for special drill bits, so hopefully DH has that all figured out...

Got the niche cleaned, asked DH to caulk all the edges so that I could take a pic, he figured he didn't have enough time before heading out to Karate, so the plan is to do it tomorrow that we're on the home stretch, I'm not really needing to nag so much, the hardest part is over, and I think he's almost as anxious as me to have it all done. (He still needs to make the medicine cabinet, and I still need to design it, once that is done I can get the carpenter to make the storage cupboard for over the toilet. I want them both to line up exactly on the bottom edge, so can't order one until the other is made...)

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Thanks Beagles!!! That is what my contractor thought you might have used the piano hinge,...ingenious!!!!! Oh and I did change in my profile for the emails. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I am new to this setup, but not new to this sight. You ALL are so very wonderful in your postings. Last year I remodeled my kitchen with ALL of your help, this year it is my master bath...thanks again!!

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These all look great when empty, but I've noticed a lack of photos of full ones!

I may be the only one who doesn't love the look of a "lineup" of plastic bottles, but I figure if we hade a huge niche, it would tend to get filled up, so we just have a 12 x 12, and it only holds the necessities, which for us are one shampoo, one conditioner, one liquid soap, one razor. Even then, I put the soap in a clear pump bottle and am grateful my shampoo/conditioner come in innocuously-colored containers-- not neon, I don't think I could deal with the visual noise!

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Lori-inthenw, did you not see my plan for a terrarium? ;)

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My contractor went with preformed niche's so I went with three of them. I get the two tall ones, hubby has the little middle one. :)

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Mongo I just LOVE that idea. We have a tiny master bath and I have extra large hair care products. Thatll be perfect!

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Not a great pic but we used the same tile in the niche as we did on the floor.

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Can't show photo, but did two niches on wall opposite shower head. Lower niche is about 18" above shower floor and is tall enough to hold large pump bottle of shampoo and is a very convenient place to rest foot while shaving legs. If you have a bench in your shower, might not need but it's nearly my favorite feature!

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